7 common LED display installation methods

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LED display installation



Embedded type is to add steel structure on the wall, and then embed the LED display screen in the support point of the added steel structure. Because it is embedded in the wall, it does not need other supports, and it is mostly installed on the external wall of the building.


LED display installation

Wall mounted

This installation method is usually used indoors or half outdoors. The display area of the screen is small, and there is generally no maintenance channel space left. The whole screen is taken down for maintenance, or it is made into a folding integrated frame. The screen area is slightly larger, and the front maintenance design is generally adopted (that is, the front maintenance design is usually column assembly).


LED display installation

Stepped type

The application method of the step type is the same as its name. It is mainly installed on the steps (facades). It can produce a high-level sense and gorgeous effect by changing colors. Generally, the best observation distance is three meters away.


LED display installation

Cantilever type

This installation method is mostly used indoors and semi outdoors. It is generally used at the entrance of passageways and corridors, as well as at the entrances of stations, railway stations and subways. It is also used for traffic guidance on highways, railways and expressways. The screen body is generally designed as an integrated cabinet or a suspended structure.


outdoor led

Roof type

The wind resistance of this installation mode is the key. Generally, it is installed with an inclined angle, or the module is designed with an inclined angle of 8 °, which is mostly used for outdoor advertising display.


LED display installation

Suspension type

The hanging type is generally used to hang the LED display screen body on the steel structure that has been well designed on site. Because it is easy to install and does not need walls as support, it has obvious advantages for short-term or temporary use, but long-term use is not conducive to stability, so it is generally used in stage, performance, exhibition and other performance activities.


led screen

Column type

The reason for adopting the column type is usually that there is no steel structure or wall around as the support point, or it may be that the workplace has high requirements for steel structures. This type of product is usually used in areas such as outdoor streets or highways.


In addition, there are also ways to mount the rotary support and swing arm installation. The general principle is to select a beautiful style and convenient maintenance mode based on the installation conditions and on the premise of fully ensuring safety. Here are many led display installation projects for your reference!