3 FAQs for installing LED display

Jan 5, 2023, 9:06:44 AM

LED screen


1. LED screen brightness is too high

The LED display screen is installed on the roadside. If the brightness is moderate, its information can bring convenience to pedestrians and vehicles. However, if the LED large screen is too bright, it will make people feel very dazzling. If the driver looks dazzled, it may cause traffic accidents. Therefore, it is recommended that the LED display screen automatically adjust the brightness according to the sky brightness. Here are 6 items about the safe installation of outdoor LED display!

2. The steel structure is not strong enough

When installing the LED display screen, the structure should be strong enough, taking into account the heavy rainfall, thunderstorm and gale weather and the earthquake resistance level, and should also be set at a certain angle, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the structure, beautify the city, spread information, and businesses can also obtain advertising revenue.

3. Fire protection and lightning protection

LED screen is composed of circuit board, plastic bottom shell and mask. If the circuit board is short circuited or the heat dissipation is not well handled, it will cause combustion. When producing large LED screens, attention should be paid to the use of fireproof materials, so that fire hazards will not occur. Therefore, the fire performance of led display materials and the internal heat dissipation function of the screen should be emphasized.

The installation of the LED display screen is a test of technology. It may be OK to ask someone to press it temporarily, but other problems are likely to occur later. The damage to the screen caused by the installation technology is not worth it. It not only wastes money, but also affects normal use. So Sostron suggested that if the budget allows, it would be better to ask a professional LED display installer to install it.