How to send content to led display

2021-01-30 09:22:57

Sostron cms system for led display

Login from,then follow the step to upload media content,create content and publish to the content.

Step 1. Upload media content

Find [Console]-[Media]-[upload], then choose your content

mp4 and jpg are recommanded video and image format.

upload media content to sostron cloud cms

When you see this sign,that means the content is been uploaded to cloud.

upload media content to domedea cloud


Step 2. Create media content


Go to [Advertising] on the left side after uploading the files, then click [Make] to start to create advertising process.

Make content online from sostron cms


Drag and drop content type (icon on the left side) to the display area,double click to add content to it,then add more to it.

how to make advertising content onlie with domedea cms


You can edit resolution,name and group from right side.

You can make Horizontal and Vertical template.

Resolution can be 1080P,720P,480P or customized.

Do not make more than 2 HD video at the same time,it might not play smoothly.

Then Save&Next

domedea content management system online edit advertising

You can go to [setting]-[verify] to open/close the verify process for safety reason.If it's on,find verify process from [Message] list.

verify advertising from sostron led screen control system

Step 3. Publish content

Choose devices which you wanna to play the content,can choose as much as you need,then [next].

publish content to led display or digital signage

Choose your play schedule type

Freetime ‐ When theres no other play schedule,it will be played in a loop.

AI play ‐ With face recognition,different audience age/gender will play different content automaticlly.

Ontime ‐ Play it based on your time schedule,you can add more to your list.


Priority  Advertising will be played now as priority for one time.

cms advertising schedule on sostron led billboard

Double check the publish information,and click [publish]

smart control solution for led display

After download finish,you should see content play on the led display.

sostron airpart led display manufature