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Sostron teaches you how to maintain the information security of your LED display

As an important media carrier, LED display is increasingly recognized by the market. In order to provide better service, LED display manufacturers continuously upgrade and optimize the operating system to make it more convenient. However, we ignored the security behind the LED screen login operation. How to prevent the information security of LED display? What should terminal customers and LED display manufacturers do? Do you know what an LED video wall is?

At about 10 a.m. on April 8, 2019, the LED display screen in the emergency department of Gaoyang County Hospital suddenly appeared insulting remarks. The county hospital immediately cut off the power supply of the LED display screen and gave an alarm. The local public security organ has arrested the suspect after the investigation and is handling it. This unsafe information is not the only one. As early as 2015, an indecent video appeared on the LED display of Zhejiang Square. This video was widely forwarded to the circle of friends and forums, causing serious negative impact on society.

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In recent years, LED display technology has become increasingly mature. In addition, LED display manufacturers have developed many new products, which are equipped with some new technologies, such as interactive, AR/VR, AI, 3D, face recognition and touch technology. Moreover, LED displays with these new technologies are used more and more widely. If these screens are tampered with by criminals or spread some rumors, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, it is urgent to face the safety problem of LED display, which requires the joint efforts of LED display manufacturers and end customers, as well as the supervision of the general public. Once unsafe information is found, alarm immediately.

Unsafe information played on LED screen mainly comes from network attacks. Although China’s network security level has been improving, the security threats and traditional security problems associated with the innovation and development of information technology still need to be improved. Moreover, the network security problem is very complex and hidden, and various network attacks emerge in endlessly. Although the Internet brings us convenience, it will also cause information security leaks.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the hidden danger of LED display information security, you should strengthen the review of public information. Especially in places where people flow is concentrated, such as squares, pedestrian streets and commercial streets. In addition, the hidden danger of information broadcast on the LED display screen may be due to the unprofessional operator who plays incorrect information on the display screen by mistake. It may also be that illegal elements play illegal information on LED display screen through network attacks.

These reasons may be that the operators operate in a complicated way, which is easy to lead to operational errors, and there is no prevention design. Another reason is the permission problem. There is no permission set on the video (input password and administrator review). The security factor is low and it is easy to be controlled by others. It may also be the professionalism of operators, whose professional level needs to be further improved.

This is our project in Japan’s Epic Watch Store, which has been installed. After receiving the feedback from the customer, the display effect after installation is very good, meeting the customer’s needs. Thank the company team for working together to complete this project. Another chain store of the customer is about to install the same product. We will uphold the vision of becoming the most trusted display service provider in the customer’s mind.

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As we all know, using LED display to play video, pictures and other information is mainly controlled by software on the computer. The software on the computer can directly control the system card. That is to say, if you want to ensure information security, the system manufacturer can develop a terminal system to ensure information security. When publishing media information, the terminal software automatically completes it remotely. When replacing the inserted media, each playing media must have its own data fingerprint or be verified. If the data packet is tampered, it cannot be played to ensure the security of the LED display information.

At the same time, the device of the playback terminal can designate and bind a computer, and it is not allowed to control the LED display screen through other devices. Through the device computer keyboard, mouse prohibition and USB removable storage functions, even if the computer and control system are replaced, other video sources will not be played, thus reducing the potential security problems of LED display information.

In addition, the LED display manufacturer shall arrange a special safety guidance group to train the terminal customers. If the video is played, how to solve some common faults, and how to cut off the power remotely. To avoid the spread of unsafe information. At the same time, for end customers, the literacy of operators should be examined, and relevant security personnel and the first responsible person should be arranged to review and manage the video source of advertising operations to avoid the inflow of unsafe information.

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For end customers, there is also a need for an emergency plan mechanism, which requires LED display manufacturers, system manufacturers and engineers to conduct research and discussion. When unsafe information is played on the LED display screen, the system’s own equipment, such as the feedback mechanism, can be deleted in time to reduce losses. The protection of LED information security requires the cooperation of LED display manufacturers, system manufacturers, end users and the general public. At the same time, attention should be paid to network information security to avoid the spread of unsafe information.

The display of false information and illegal information on LED display has become a risk that cannot be ignored in the process of media operation on LED display, and safe display has also become a rigid demand of advertising operators. Although the problem of information security is unavoidable in the Internet era, we can create a healthy and green LED display communication environment by continuously improving the product safety factor of system manufacturers, improving the professional quality of operators, centralizing publishing to reduce wrong operations, and enhancing enterprises’ awareness of LED display network information security.

In a word, although the Internet brings us convenience, it also has certain security risks. As the main carrier of information dissemination, LED display screen is an urgent problem of network security. The information security problem of LED display screen requires the joint efforts of LED display screen manufacturers, system manufacturers and end users, as well as the supervision of the masses. Constantly strengthen the product safety factor, reduce misoperation and strengthen the professional quality of operators.

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