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Technology and price of naked eye 3D advertising screen

Throughout the world, the combination of huge and dazzling outdoor LED screens with urban architecture has become an indispensable and beautiful landscape. With the maturity of 3D technology, immersive cool blockbusters have enriched our entertainment life.

The popularity of the naked-eye 3D giant screen has refreshed mankind’s new understanding of naked-eye 3D display technology. It also means that the 3D naked-eye technology LED display has returned to the public’s attention and brought people’s vision with its amazing display effects. Shocking. But the naked-eye 3D gameplay doesn’t end there. Last year’s phenomenon-level event was the opening of the claw machine. Through the naked-eye 3D+ interactive experience, ordinary people can become giant-screen super players! You can learn more about the technology, cases and market size of 3D billboards.

Therefore, glasses-free 3D has become a hot spot that people pay attention to in recent years, and it also frequently appears in our field of vision. First of all, XiaoTouch will popularize what is naked-eye 3D to everyone. In layman’s terms, it means that users can see a three-dimensional effect from a flat two-dimensional picture or video with the naked eye without the help of any external equipment, giving people a sense of space and making them more immersive. So 3D LED billboard, don’t miss this future advertising trend.

First, let’s start with the principles of naked-eye 3D. When our left and right eyes look at the same object, the scenes they see are actually different. We call it binocular parallax. The left and right eyes form two different left and right images on the retina. After being integrated by the brain, the object can be distinguished. front and rear, far and near, resulting in three-dimensional vision.


But some 3D screens require higher brightness and contrast to provide the best 3D effect. Excessive brightness may cause discomfort to the eyes, so it is recommended to moderately reduce the brightness of the screen to reduce the burden on the eyes.

Naked-eye 3D advertising screen

Naked-eye 3D advertising screens usually do not cause direct damage to the eyes, but they may cause some discomfort and visual fatigue, especially when viewed for a long time. However, naked-eye 3D advertising screens usually do not cause lasting damage to the eyes, but some precautions should be taken when viewing to reduce possible discomfort and fatigue.

Through the mutual cooperation and joint efforts of the government, schools, society, and families, children and adolescents will effectively relieve eye fatigue, improve pseudomyopia, and prevent true myopia by insisting on 3D vision training. They will gradually take off their glasses and become more energetic and healthier. future pillars.

If you are interested in outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screens, please read below!

What should you pay attention to before purchasing an outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen?

Demand analysis: First of all, you must clarify what needs your advertising screen needs to meet. Consider factors such as screen size, resolution, brightness, display content, installation environment, etc. to ensure that the screen you choose can adapt to your specific needs.

Budget planning: Determine your budget, including the cost of purchasing the screen, installation costs, maintenance costs, and content production costs. Make sure your budget is enough to cover all relevant costs.

Screen type: Naked-eye 3D technology has different implementation methods, including see-through type, brightness type, etc. Choose the technology that suits your needs and understand its pros and cons so you can make an informed choice.

Display effect: Before purchasing, be sure to watch the actual naked-eye 3D screen demonstration to ensure that the display effect meets your expectations. Pay attention to the quality in terms of three-dimensionality, clarity and color performance.

Content production: Content production for naked-eye 3D advertising screens requires special technology and software. Make sure you have the capabilities or partners to produce content suitable for naked-eye 3D display.

Naked-eye 3D advertising screen

The following is an introduction to our company’s outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen-Ares

Spacing (mm) 10.4 3.9 4.8 6.2 7.8
LED SMD2727 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727 SMD2727
Density(dots/sqm) 9246 65746 43403 26015 16437
Module resolution (dots) 1156 8218 5425 3252 2055
Module width (mm) 500 500 500 500 500
Module height (mm) 250 250 250 250 250
Cabinet width (mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Cabinet height (mm) (1000/750/500) (1000/750/500/500) (1000/750/500) (1000/750/500) (1000/750/500)
Cabinet thickness 60 60 60 60 60
Resolution (dots) (9246/6934/4623) (65746/49310/32873/32873) (43403/32552/21701) (26015/19511/13007) (16437/12327/8218)
Width (kg) 24 24 24 24 24
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Maintain Front rear Front rear Front rear Front rear Front rear
Waterproof level IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Maximum brightness (cd/sqm) 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
Color temperature (k) 6500 6500 6500 6500 6500
Angle of view 140 140 140 140 140
Contrast 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1
Maximum power consumption (w) 600 600 600 600 600
Average power consumption (w) 200 200 200 200 200
Voltage type AC AC AC AC AC
Voltage (v) 110-220 110-220 110-220 110-220 110-220
Drive mode 2 8 7 5 4
Screen FPS (hz) 60 60 60 60 60

outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen

Price of outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen

P3.9 outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen is $1,440 per square meter.
P4.8 outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen is $840 per square meter.
P6.2 outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen is $670 per square meter.
P7.8 outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen is $590 per square meter.

Professional Q&A about outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen

Question 1: How is the visibility of outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screen in strong sunlight?

Answer: Outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screens usually use high-brightness display technology to maintain visibility in sunlight. Choose screens with high brightness and anti-reflective coating to ensure that 3D content can be clearly seen in bright outdoor environments.

Question 2: How durable is the outdoor advertising screen in adverse weather conditions?

Answer: Outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screens need to have characteristics such as waterproof, dustproof and shockproof to maintain normal operation in various adverse weather conditions. Choose products with IP protection and other certifications, and perform appropriate maintenance to ensure the long-term durability of the screen.

Question 3: What is the energy consumption of outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screens?

Answer: Energy consumption is an important consideration, especially for outdoor advertising screens that operate for a long time. Choose energy-efficient screens and consider technologies such as intelligent brightness adjustment to reduce energy consumption.

Question 4: How is content creation and updating carried out?

Answer: Content production for naked-eye 3D advertising screens requires professional technical and software support. Work with a production team with relevant experience to ensure that your advertising content can achieve the best effect on 3D displays. At the same time, consider how to update the content regularly to keep the audience interested.

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