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Top 10 LED billboard factories in the Philippines

Table of contents

2. LED World
4. Inewvation International
5. Adstratworld Holdings, Inc.
6. NyxsysPhilippines, Inc.
7. United Neon Advertising, Inc.
8. Enigmax
9.Luneta Advertising
10. Pitchworks Incorporated Philippines

LED billboard factories

In the beautiful archipelago country of the Philippines, the brilliant lights of LED billboards have become a beautiful scenery in the city at night. These dynamic digital billboards not only light up the urban night sky, but also provide strong support for brand promotion, information transmission and urban construction. In this article, we will explore the Philippine LED billboard industry, introduce the top ten influential LED billboard factories, reveal their outstanding contributions in the field of digital display and their unique products and services.



Corporate information: Unilight brings the best lighting solutions to every customer. Our R&D team is firmly committed to research, development and innovation, constantly striving to study and improve all aspects of LED technology. To always stand out, all our products are manufactured in-house with the help of state-of-the-art equipment at our factory in Bhiwandi, Thane.
Product types: indoor and outdoor LED displays, billboards, LED video walls.
Product features: customized design, high brightness, low energy consumption.

LED World

2. LED World

Company information: LED World is one of the leading LED billboard manufacturers in the Philippines, headquartered in Manila. Founded in 1995, LED World is an OEM specializing in the production of LED light strips, sign modules and Class 2 power supplies. We serve electricians, designers, electrical contractors and manufacturers with a variety of innovative commercial lighting products. With over two decades of experience, LED World is a trusted provider of cutting-edge lighting solutions that meet the diverse needs of its customers.
Product Type: RGB Color Changing LED Strips, Aluminum Profiles, DMX Wall Washers and Color Controllers for Interior and Exterior Applications.
Product Features: Most products are UL or Intertek certified, ensuring reliability and compliance.



Company information: GLOBALTRONICS provides end-to-end full-service LED display systems and creates digital monuments for many well-known companies in the Philippines. Our main objective is to provide the best digital solutions to increase the brand equity of our clients.
Product type: Full-service digital out-of-home (DOOH).
Product Features: GLOBALTRONICS is a member of the Guido Group of Companies, a group of six (6) dynamic companies. GLOBALTRONICS will continue to introduce breakthrough technologies to all valued customers at home and abroad with the help of well-trained engineers, technicians, and highly skilled creative digital artists.

Inewvation International

4. Inewvation International

Company information: Inewvation International continues to lead developing cities in the adoption of innovative solutions and digital technologies, with the marriage of design and technology at its core. From design, production, delivery, installation to after-sales service, the company has set the benchmark for delivering best-in-class products and customer experience. Inewvation International recognizes your needs and provides the best medium – the self-explanatory benchmark in industry, with a mission to bring quality digital technology and innovative solutions to every business around the world.
Product Type: Digital Display Solutions, In-Store Solutions, Sustainable Solutions. Rental LED floor screen.
Product Features: Offer functionality, versatility, innovation and beauty. Inewvation International now delivers cutting-edge digital technologies designed to increase profitability, optimize operational efficiency and improve the in-store experience.

Adstratworld Holdings, Inc.

5. Adstratworld Holdings, Inc.

Corporate information: Adstratworld Holdings, Inc. is mainly engaged in billboards, outdoor LED displays and rentals, event management, and construction development.
Product type: Sales and rental of outdoor and indoor LED displays, LED billboards, curtains, and light tubes. Do you understand the ten differences between indoor and outdoor LED walls?
Product Features: Offers a large LED screen that can be accessed via mobile device and comes with a separate generator and playback source. These LEDs feature weatherproof displays and operate 24/7, indoors or out, rain or shine.

NyxsysPhilippines, Inc.

6. NyxsysPhilippines, Inc.

Corporate Information: NyxsysPhilippines, Inc. is one of the leading providers of digital media and business technology solutions. The company was founded in June 2014 by Chairman and CEO Mansueto B. Callao as a spin-off of an outdoor company that traces its roots to the 1990s.
Product types: Develop and implement cutting-edge enterprise business solutions, digital signage and out-of-home advertising.
Product Features: Nyxsys aims to provide end-to-end managed services leveraging technology systems to take the experience of advanced digital media and professional business solutions to the next level.

United Neon Advertising, Inc.

7. United Neon Advertising, Inc.

Company Information: United Neon is known for its expertise in billboard advertising. For decades, United Neon has been a trusted business partner, increasing brand awareness and maximizing brand exposure through the power of billboards.

Product type: digital LED billboard, neon light
Product Features: United Neon is constantly evolving to keep up with trends in advertising and technology. has introduced digital services into its product and service portfolio, connecting out-of-home media with online and mobile devices.


8. Enigmax

Corporate Information: Enigmax strives to guarantee your satisfaction and meet your needs for events such as birthdays, seminars, weddings, debuts, concerts, company meetings and more. Providing professional lighting and sound services suitable for all sizes.
Product types: Lighting rentals, LED walls, sound rentals (powered speakers, band equipment, etc.), projectors, stages and truss rentals. Here is a guide to LED dance floor applications.
Product Features: Enigmax provides indoor and outdoor, monochrome and full-color LED screens to meet the needs of different occasions.

Luneta Advertising

9.Luneta Advertising

Business Message: Founded in 1978 and named after one of the country’s most iconic websites, Luneta Advertising puts your message in the only spotlight that matters – a spotlight where you can draw everyone’s attention. Luneta not only provides best-in-class quality service, but also makes it its core belief to build deep and meaningful business partnerships where the rewards of creativity, passion and hard work are unlimited.
Product types: Large format digital printing, billboards, stickers, LED video boards and LED projection lighting.
Product Features: Luneta Advertising provides a variety of services to meet your different advertising needs.

Pitchworks Incorporated Philippines

10. Pitchworks Incorporated Philippines

Company Information: Pitchworks Incorporated Philippines With over 15 years of extensive industry experience, Pitchworks has mastered the steps required to help clients deliver their brand messages to their target audiences from start to finish and create a huge impact. This statement is especially true for brands that have long trusted Pitchworks to service their various campaigns.
Product types: Outdoor advertising LED, media planning and buying, public relations and digital marketing.
Product Features: Pitchworks products are waterproof, weather-resistant and dust-proof, making them suitable for a variety of outdoor environments.

LED billboard industry

This article takes you through the bright light of the LED billboard industry in the Philippines. These top ten factories add a touch of style and modernity to the Philippine urban landscape with their innovative LED technology, high-quality products and excellent services. Whether in busy commercial districts, bustling shopping malls, or venues for cultural events, the LED billboard products from these factories play an irreplaceable role. As technology continues to advance, we expect these factories to continue to inject more innovation and vitality into urban life in the Philippines and continue to maintain a leading position in the field of digital displays.

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