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Top 10 LED Display Screen Manufacturers in Japan

Table of Contents

1. Sharp Corporation
2. Sony Corporation
3. Panasonic Corporation
4. NEC Corporation
5. EIZO Corporation
6. Rohm Co., Ltd
7. Topre Corporation
8. InFocus Corporation
9. Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
10. Optex Group Co., Ltd.

Japanese LED display screen

With the continuous advancement of digital and visual technology, LED display screens have become indispensable tools in modern media and commercial fields, garnering increasing attention for their quality and performance. Japan, as one of the key drivers of technological innovation, has also gained significant recognition in the LED display screen industry. This article introduces the top players in the Japanese LED display screen industry, exploring the top ten excellent LED display screen manufacturers in Japan, providing you with a deeper understanding of this field.

Taketaka Corporation

1. Taketaka Corporation

Company Information: Originally a manufacturer of film projectors, we expanded into the professional services of audiovisual equipment with the evolving times. Subsequently, we ventured into video production, becoming a comprehensive audiovisual solutions company. With the development of information and communication technology, we have evolved into an AV+ICT comprehensive solution provider. We have successfully completed many large-scale projects in the projection mapping field and are proud to be a leading one-stop supplier in Japan.

Main Products: Video and spatial production for multipurpose halls, commercial spaces, sports venues, and various buildings. Equipment rental for video/audio/PC/media, etc. (Here is a guide to stadium LED screens.)

Service Support: We recommend the most suitable LED series based on your needs, whether it’s long-term outdoor installations or short-term event rentals. We utilize tracking technology to assist you in managing the appropriate equipment.

LEDUS Vision

2. LEDUS Vision

Company Information: In the LED digital signage business, we provide comprehensive support from sales to operation, offering the best advice for clients considering installing digital signage products for advertising and PR media. Additionally, leveraging our experience in repairing mobile terminals, we undertake repair work, fully capable of providing post-installation support. We collaborate with major signage manufacturers overseas, offering “high-quality products at lower prices” for our clients.

Main Products: Indoor LED, outdoor LED, cube LED, transparent LED, poster LED screens, etc. (7 guides to LED cubes.)

Service Support: Our professionals carefully address any questions or concerns you may have before or after installing LED visual and digital signage. LED components often fail to light up after the installation of LED visual systems. For most other companies, repairing LED components typically takes at least 2 to 3 weeks, as repairs are handled by the product manufacturer. We strive to minimize any inconvenience or trouble for customers using our services as much as possible. Considering this, we have decided to conduct internal repairs using our unique technology.



Company Information: Today’s future will eventually become the past. LED TOKYO will continue to embrace challenges and create the future forever. The value of LED TOKYO lies in the rapid communication and dissemination of the best products and services that contribute to solving world problems. We will continue to develop and provide future technology and services.

Main Products: Best one-stop solutions for digital signage selection, installation, video production, operation management, and maintenance.

Service Support: LED TOKYO’s in-house brand LED Vision achieves overwhelming cost-effectiveness, super quality, and super price. We operate various types of LED visuals, LCD monitors, video distribution equipment, etc.

Network Japan Corporation

4. Network Japan Corporation

Company Information: Network Japan Corporation has a 5-story building on a 600 square meter site with 1800 square meters of space. Floors 1 to 3 are warehouses, part of floor 3 is a technical laboratory, floor 4 is an exhibition room and listening room, and floor 5 is the space for the sales and operations departments. We have a system that allows us to collaborate and quickly carry out sales, accept orders, and ship activities.

Main Products: LED displays, projectors, information technology solutions, etc.

Service Support: Network-Japan is committed to sound, enjoying images, and always providing new things.

Seima Corporation

5. Seima Corporation

Company Information: Since its establishment in 1961, Seima Corporation has evolved into a technology service company mainly engaged in system design, leasing, and maintenance as the era of audiovisual equipment rapidly develops. Even now, in the era of visual information communication, we continue to inherit this high level of technical knowledge and strive to provide satisfactory services to customers. In particular, we are a company specialized in helping customers create performances that resonate with all five senses by using images and sound, effectively and deeply conveying the messages they want to convey to as many people as possible.

Main Products: Poster LED displays, outdoor LED displays, indoor LED displays, medical monitors, aerospace displays, etc. (Here are this year’s LED poster screen products and prices.)

Service Support: We have a comprehensive support system that allows you to fully utilize the system solutions provided by Seima with peace of mind. You can inquire in advance about our service processes, repair status, manufacturers, etc.



Company Information: In 2019, MINAMIHARA LED started planning, sales, operation, and maintenance of LED visualizations as the “Minamihara Metal IT Solutions Division”. In 2021, to expand our business and improve efficiency, we established Minamihara LED Co., Ltd. as an affiliated company specialized in LED visualizations.

Main Products: Planning, proposals, sales, installation, operation and maintenance of LED visualizations, production of images and videos, and system construction.

Service Support: MINAMIHARA LED has one of the largest LED visualization laboratories in Kyushu, the “Minamihara LED Laboratory”, for LED visualization testing and quality control. There is also an LED showroom inside, handling various LED visualization products. You can check actual machines.

LED Link

7. LED Link

Company Information: LED Link is located at Nishishinjuku Takagi Building, 8th Floor, 1-20-3 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. Offering a variety of pixel pitches and sizes of LED displays in Japan.

Main Products: HD LED displays, sports LED displays, creative LED displays, LED display rentals, etc. (Here are 5 common creative LED screens.)

Service Support: LED Link installs displays in over 90 countries worldwide, including Europe and America, and provides after-sales service. It has obtained certifications such as ISO standards, CE, EMC, RoHS, ETL mark, UL, and other safety standards from the International Organization for Standardization.

Ray Corporation

8. Ray Corporation

Company Information: Ray Corporation’s services range from enterprise communications centered on advertising to entertainment fields such as concert production. A company with sales of 10 billion yen, active in a wide range of fields.

Main Products: Video production including advertising, event and promotion production, digital content production, DVD and Blu-ray package production, video editing studio, video equipment rental, etc. (3D LED billboards, don’t miss this future advertising trend.)

Service Support: Leveraging our accumulated IT, digital, and video advantages in advertising solutions and technical solutions, we flexibly support various needs of customers at any location and any stage.


9. AVC

Company Information: AVC was established in 1968 as the direct sales department of the educational equipment department of the import trading company Osawa Shokai Co., Ltd. Since then, we acquired all the shares of Osawa Shokai in 1984 and became independent as Eizo Center Co., Ltd. Our company’s philosophy is “pursuing better communication, providing services,” and continuously utilizing these technologies, we have played a role in creating space.

Main Products: Rental and sales of digital displays, large displays, and multi-video systems, etc. (How to choose a suitable LED screen rental for a theater?)

Service Support: AVC values empathy with customers and focuses on cutting-edge products and three major business pillars: event videos, system sales, and product imports.


10. PANDASTUDIO.TV Corporation

Company Information: PANDASTUDIO.TV Corporation was established in 1953 when television broadcasting in Japan was just beginning, inheriting the business of Tokyo Television Center and the 63-year-old Hamacho Studio, and merged with Panda Studio Co., Ltd. to be born on October 1, 2016. We inherit all the advantages of Hamacho Studio, which has produced many TV programs, and Panda Studio, which is strong in internet broadcasting.

Main Products: LED displays, large LED visual rental business, etc. (Here are the 6 major differences between indoor and outdoor LED rental.)

Service Support: PANDASTUDIO.TV Corporation not only expands its business to studio rentals for film and television production, equipment rentals, large LED visual rentals, personnel dispatch, etc., but also develops and sells shooting equipment, system integration, studio construction, etc. Our business scope continues to expand, including managing video copyright program archive servers.

LED display screen

The LED display screen industry in Japan continues to advance on the path of innovation and quality pursuit. This introduction to the top ten LED display screen manufacturers in Japan aims to provide you with valuable insights into the current development status of this field, guiding your future LED display screen procurement. Whether you are seeking high-quality products or professional services, Japanese LED display screen manufacturers are sure to meet your needs, bringing more creativity and possibilities to your projects.

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