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Top 9 best LED display manufacturers in South Korea

With the continuous development of the digital era, LED display screens have become one of the most important media in commercial advertising, event performances, etc. A high-quality LED display not only has excellent performance in image effects, but also has excellent stability and quality. So who are the top 9 best LED display manufacturers in South Korea?

LED display manufacturers

Table of contents

1. When Samsung Electronics was established
1-1, Samsung Electronics corporate information
1-2, Samsung Electronics product types

2. LG Electronics establishment time
2-1, LG Electronics corporate information
2-2, LG Electronics product types

3. Leyard Optoelectronic establishment time
3-1, Leyard Optoelectronic corporate information
3-2, Leyard Optoelectronic product type

4. Daktronics establishment time
4-1, Daktronics corporate information
4-2, Daktronics product types

5. Kortek establishment time
5-1, Kortek corporate information
5-2, Kortek product type

6. Absen Optoelectronics establishment time
6-1, Absen Optoelectronics corporate information
6-2, Absen Optoelectronics product types

7. Unilumin Group establishment time
7-1, Unilumin Group corporate information
7-2, Unilumin Group product types

8. Time of establishment of Innolux Corporation
8-1, Innolux Corporation corporate information
8-2, Innolux Corporation product types

9. NEC Display Solutions establishment time
9-1, NEC Display Solutions corporate information
9-2, NEC Display Solutions product types

Samsung Electronics

1.Samsung Electronics

Date of establishment: 1969
Company information: Samsung Electronics is a world-renowned electronics manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. As Samsung Electronics celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019, it sets its sights on new challenges. Since then, Samsung has continued to strive to become the number one in the system semiconductor industry while driving growth in areas such as AI and 5G.
Main products: LED TVs, displays, smartphones, etc.

LG Electronics

2.LG Electronics

Date of establishment: 1958
Company information: LG Electronics is a large electronics company in South Korea, headquartered in Seoul. LG Electronics has launched many innovative products since its establishment. It has also launched mobile devices and smart TVs in the 21st century, applying innovative technologies to continue to grow and operate globally. LG adheres to the people-oriented belief, understands and is close to the needs of consumers, provides the best solutions for life through continuous innovation, brings you a better quality life, and conveys the concept of a good life “Life’s Good.”
Main products: LED TVs, displays, home appliances, etc.

Leyard Optoelectronic

3. Leyard Optoelectronic

Date of establishment: 1995
Company information: Leyard Optoelectronic is a leading global LED display manufacturer headquartered in China but with branches in South Korea. Based on the original entertainment effect lamps, Leyard Optoelectronic has expanded the field of outdoor cultural tourism performing arts and landscape lighting, specializing in the production of high-quality intelligent moving head lamps and outdoor waterproof series lamps; the outdoor, intelligent and artistic entertainment lighting is ” New Lehua Optoelectronics’ innovation drive and industry goals
Main products: LED display screen, indoor LED display screen, outdoor LED display screen, LED video wall, etc.



Date of establishment: 1968
Company information: Daktronics is a global LED display manufacturer headquartered in the United States with a branch in South Korea. You can rely on Daktronics’ flexible solutions, and you can trust us to provide customized product solutions. At the same time, we can also provide technical support, system integration and customized services according to your needs. With Daktronics’ integrated systems, we can make every moment of your life positive, memorable and impactful.
Main products: LED displays for sports venues, traffic signs, advertising displays, etc. Here’s a guide to stadium LED screens.


5. Kortek

Date of establishment: 1995
Company information: Kortek is a South Korean display manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. Kortek’s gaming monitors are global industry leaders and are widely used in world-renowned casinos. We’re proud of our unparalleled technology, which has been developed to ensure our monitors operate reliably 24/7 in hot and humid environments.
Main products: LCD screens, touch screens, electronic game monitors, etc.

Absen Optoelectronics

6. Absen Optoelectronics

Date of establishment: 2001
Company information: Absen Optoelectronics is a Chinese LED display manufacturer that also has branches in South Korea. Absen Optoelectronics is the world’s leading R&D, manufacturing and service provider of LED display application products.
Main products: indoor and outdoor LED displays, LED video walls, rental screens, etc.

Unilumin Group

7. Unilumin Group

Date of establishment: 2004
Company information: Headquartered in China, Unilumin Group is one of the world’s leading LED display manufacturers with branches in South Korea. Unilumin Group adheres to the corporate mission of “displaying a radiant world and lighting a happy life” and is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance LED display and lighting products and light display solutions to global customers.
Main products: LED display, LED display control system, etc.

Innolux Corporation

8.Innolux Corporation

Date of establishment: 2003
Company information: Innolux Corporation is a Taiwanese display manufacturer that also has branches in South Korea. Innolux has a professional flat panel display R&D technology team, coupled with Foxconn Technology Group’s strength in mass manufacturing system products, it will be able to effectively leverage the benefits of vertical integration and make a meaningful contribution to raising the level of the world’s flat panel display industry.
Main products: LCD displays, OLED displays, touch screens, etc.

NEC Display Solutions

9. NEC Display Solutions

Date of establishment: 2002
Company information: NEC Display Solutions is a global display technology supplier headquartered in Japan but with branches in South Korea. NEC Display Solutions’ display solutions bring together industry experts to provide a single point of contact to provide comprehensive display solutions for a variety of vertical markets.
Main products: commercial displays, projectors, digital signage, etc.

Korean LED display manufacturers have a certain share in the domestic market and international market. Not only do they cater to domestic customers, they also export their products across the globe. Korean LED display manufacturers have been investing in research and development to launch higher-resolution, thinner and brighter products. This technological innovation helps meet the needs of different industries, including retail, entertainment, advertising and outdoor applications.

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