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What is Autostereoscopic 3D LED Display?

Autostereoscopic 3D LED Display is being popular, such as led displays of SM Town, Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street, and Chengdu Taikoo Li.

What is a 3D LED screen?

When we go to the cinema to see 3D movies, we usually wear special 3D glasses to achieve real 3D visual effects. On the contrary, 3D LED display is a kind of LED display, which allows the audience to enjoy the real 3D image with naked eyes. It is installed outdoors. Like the traditional LED display, it is usually installed on the front of the building to attract potential customers passing by to watch the 3D brand story or product details and make a deep impression.

Recently, more and more brands have foreseen the unexpected brand effect of 3D outdoor advertising LED display as a new method. For example, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen displayed the details of the 3D watch on the 3d led screen on the landmark Piccadilly light screen in central London; In Chengdu, China, a giant spacecraft broke through the 3D LED screen. Actress Rosamund Parker shot 3D content and promoted the wheel of time in Paris, New York, Madrid and Tokyo. They have attracted extensive interest and Discussion on social media. The rise of 3D LED displays has witnessed the innovative breakthrough of display technology and the refreshing visual impact. This is not only the future of advertising display, but also the breakthrough innovation of the combination of modern public art and display technology.

Autostereoscopic 3D LED display is a technology that does not require additional 3D glasses or any other tools to produce vivid led 3D performance. People can enjoy the immersive experience of spatial dimension with less visual fatigue.

Video processing: after the host outputs the information stream analog signal of the 3D movie video source, the digital DVI signal is generated. The digital signal passes through the video decoding system to output signals for the left eye and the right eye. The signal is processed by the video display module and then loaded onto the LED screen. Through the binocular parallax principle, the audience can see the 3D effect.

3D LED screen

How does the 3D LED screen work?

Our human brain is an extremely complex nervous system. Anything that human eyes usually see is three-dimensional. This is because two human eyes see two pictures with subtle differences through the small distance between human eyes. This subtle difference allows the brain to convert the spatial coordinates between objects in the direction of the disappearance of sight. We can also distinguish the distance and size of objects through this feeling, That is, the sense of three-dimensional space.

Where is the value of naked eye LED display?

Create landmark buildings

Transform the building into a landmark building combining science and technology with aesthetics.

At present, all major cities are making naked eye 3D screens. The more famous ones are Chengdu taiguli business district, Guangzhou jiazhaoye, Chongqing Guanyin bridge, Beijing Wangfujing and so on.

Provide value for brand

This new form of advertising can not only spread the brand, but also use the video content to establish the brand image and increase the brand value.

New direction of industry development

All walks of life are making progress, and the display screen is no exception. It is a new breakthrough in the field of outdoor display. Interactive screens may appear in the future, and people may interact with large screens through sounds, gestures, etc.

Creative and interesting

People are always looking forward to beautiful and creative things. It is because of the continuous pursuit of visual experience that the industry will continue to develop.

3D LED screen

3D LED display installation case

Wave video on LED screen in SM Town, Korea

It looks like it is pieced together, but in fact, it is a complete screen, and the gap effect is made by the d’strict team.

The surging wave video source + high-resolution LED display + 3D sound source make the audience feel that they will be swallowed by the waves.
In addition to this led display, d’strict has also made a 3D dynamic video wall for Nexon.

The LED video wall at the entrance of Nexon hall has a screen size of W / 30m * H / 7m. After the transformation of d’strict, it became another world.

The infinite wall of nexen new R & D Center Hall in nexen University Town (30 meters wide × 7 meter high LED screen)

Huge dancers dance along the glass frame. It seems that the dancers are trapped on the glass stage. It is full of artistic atmosphere and makes people feel that the dancers are dancing beside you.

In order to create these vivid effects, not only hardware such as LED display and control system must have excellent performance, but also corresponding 3D video production, including angles, details and a series of algorithms.

What is the difference between naked eye 3D LED display and traditional LED display?

Since 3D LED display is more commercially feasible than traditional outdoor advertising display in the future, consumers and brands pay more attention to 3D display. The 3D image presented by the 3D outdoor advertising display screen is more realistic and convincing than 2D, because it has a larger area, a higher pixel density, and no edge physical elements that make the image look unreal. Therefore, with the 3D LED screen, your brand image and product display will become lifelike. In addition, 3D images bring viewers a new visual experience that 2D images do not, thus stimulating customers to spend more time exploring your brand and products. 3D technology adds depth to your content and makes your advertising more influential.

The future of 3D LED display

The industrial chain has not yet formed, which will inhibit the enthusiasm of manufacturers.

Naked eye 3D LED display is a kind of 3D effect that can be seen on the screen without wearing professional glasses. Because of its unique display mode, it also caused a sensation when it was listed. Due to the fierce market, the naked eye 3D technology quickly broke through the visual limitations of many viewpoints, and then there was no breakthrough in the naked eye 3D LED display technology. The whole industry can be said to be silent, and full-dimensional vision is still the development direction of the industry. Why not take this step? In the final analysis, its market awareness is not strong and its market capacity is limited, so it is difficult to form a corresponding industrial chain. Even if enterprises develop new products, there is no market in the industry to consume their products, leading to a waste of R & D funds and seriously hindering the enthusiasm of manufacturers in R & D. What is more fatal is that the high price of the naked eye 3D LED display screen has frightened many users. Moreover, the research and development cost of the naked eye 3D display screen is not low, and the enterprise has the research and development ability and cannot bear the risk of long-term return. Therefore, in the future, most enterprises have turned to other sub fields, making the development of naked eye 3D display industry more difficult.

SoStron outdoor LED display-Ares

Immersive visual presentation may be another tuyere of naked eye 3D LED display.

In each subdivision field of LED display screen, all kinds of display screens have very clear application scene positioning. For example, the small spacing display screen is suitable for indoor application display such as conference command center; Transparent screens are suitable for outdoor advertising and glass film pasting screens, and corresponding technologies are further developed according to their clear positioning to promote a wide range of application scenarios and further promote the research and development of industrial products. But there are always exceptions. Compared with other displays, the application scene of naked eye 3D LED display is fuzzy, and the corresponding technology cannot touch the bypass, making the industry development very slow.

Although the 3D display screen is not as good as various subdivision displays in traditional applications, with the development of visual display technology, it can highlight the display mode of the naked eye 3D LED display screen and make it bright in the application of the dance stage. The unique naked eye 3D LED display mode creates a sense of spatial dimension. Combined with the stage lighting, it creates an immersive lighting and film feast, which brings a strong visual impact to the audience. In addition, in recent years, the demand for artistic performances has been rising, and the future prospect of immersive visual performance stage is very broad.

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