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What is DIgital Out Of Home (DOOH)?

DOOH means Digital Out of Home, it is a kind of out of home digital media. Usually, it is for showing videos, pictures and other types of advertisements.

With the development of the network and artificial intelligence, the influence of broadcasting and television is getting less and less, as the number of people who sit in front of radio and television is decreasing. That’ why the DOOH get developing fast.

In our daily life, now people can see the smart display everywhere. When we walk on the road, or wait for the bus at the bus stop, we can see all kinds of advertising screen in shopping mall, LCD display in elevators, video wall on the walls of buildings, etc.  All of these belong to DOOH.


Times Sqaure in New York

Compare with traditional advertising medium like newspaper, radio and television, DOOH deliver highly engaging advertising content, capture viewer attentions and increase advertising revenue,

Display solutions are an essential resolution to enable dynamic messaging experiences in real-time dynamic messaging and viewing experience.


What SoStron offers?

SoStron, as a professional LED and LCD solution provider, offers a comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for a wide array of outdoor and indoor applications, including billboards, posters, chain stores, entrance, Luxury stores, and other ad solutions.

Creative LED display in a bar

(vibrant LEDs enhance customer engaging experience and drive customers purchases )

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