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8 ways to remove the moiré effect of the LED display

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What are moiré fringes?
What Causes the Moiré Effect?
Why are the moiré fringes not so obvious now?
How to remove the moiré effect of the LED display?

What are moiré fringes?

Moiré fringes, also known as Moiré interference fringes, are an interference phenomenon that is usually observed in optics and physics experiments. It is caused by the interference of light waves that recombine after passing through two or more slits or obstacles. This phenomenon is due to the wave nature of light waves, which interfere in superposition when they meet.

Technically speaking, Moiré fringes are the visual result of interference between two lines or objects at a constant angle and frequency. When the human eye cannot distinguish the two lines or two objects, it can only see interference patterns, and the patterns in this optical phenomenon are Moiré fringes.

Overlapping of periodic structures: When two patterns with similar but slightly different periodic structures are superimposed, the slight phase difference between them causes light and dark fringes to appear. These fringes are an interference effect between the two patterns.

Spatial sampling rate difference: If the spatial sampling rates of the two patterns do not match, i.e. the distribution of pixels or details is not uniform, then additional interference effects can occur when superimposed. These effects cause visible changes in overlapping regions of the patterns.

Angular difference: If there is a slight angular difference between two patterns, they will be out of phase when superimposed, resulting in interference effects and fringes.

Color Differences: When two patterns of similar colors but not an exact match are superimposed, their spectral properties can cause interference effects and color shifts.

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Now this kind of moiré fringe is not very obvious, there are two main reasons:

1. The resolution of the current retina screen (Retina screen) is basically greater than 300 dpi, that is, more than 300 lines per inch, which is too dense. And the pixels of our cameras are getting higher and higher. When the two are superimposed, the moiré fringes will not be very clear, but you can still see them clearly when you adjust the distance between the cameras and focus.

2. Now mobile phone manufacturers will automatically process it through hardware and software in order to take clear pictures, and the stripes will also be weakened.

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How to remove the moiré effect of the LED display?

Adjust the viewing angle: Changing the viewing angle of the LED display may cause the Moiré effect to weaken or disappear. Experiment with different viewing angles to find one with minimal or no fringing.

Adjusting the display and viewing distance: Adjusting your distance from the LED display may affect the visibility of the moiré effect. Sometimes, adjusting the distance can reduce or eliminate streaking.

Optimizing pixel layout: In the LED display manufacturing process, optimizing pixel layout can reduce moiré effect. Ensure that the alignment between pixels is uniform to reduce the occurrence of interference effects.

Use anti-moiré techniques: Some specialized techniques and algorithms can help mitigate the moiré effect. For example, in image processing, anti-moiré filters or algorithms can be used to reduce or eliminate streaks through mathematical transformations.

Use a high-resolution display: High-resolution displays typically have smaller pixel sizes, which can reduce the visibility of moiré effects. Teach you the LED screen resolution selection guide for free.

Avoid overlapping patterns: Try to avoid overlapping two patterns with similar periodic structures to reduce the occurrence of moiré effects.

Customize display content: If you have the ability to control the display content, you can try to adjust the characteristics of the pattern to minimize the influence of Moiré effect.

Light source control: In some cases, adjusting the brightness and angle of the light source can affect the visibility of the moiré effect.

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