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Advertising truck with led display

An ad truck is a so-called advertising truck that is used for advertising.

You may see trucks running in busy downtown areas while advertising and promoting products and services by putting large-format advertisements on the sides of the loading platform.

There are various ad trucks, from small to large ones, depending on the type of vehicle and the content of the advertisement, but recently, those equipped with high-quality speakers and “LED vision” are becoming mainstream, and they tour the city with sound and images. It is getting a lot of attention.

advertising truck

Since the advertising effect of the “LED Vision” video will be higher, such as the artist’s CD release / live information, the holding of sporting events and the launch of new products, and the opening of new stores, the ad track will also be “LED“. It seems that the waves are coming.

advertising truck

Details of the truck display

Outdoor LED 6mm pitch 

Power consumption (square meter): 825W (max) W (ave)

Installation size left&right side: W2,880 * H1,920 mm * 2,Rear side: W960 * H1,920 mm

Installation resolution left&right side:  480px * 320px, Rear side: 320px * 160px

By changing the printing advertising from the bottom, sides and rear of the van to “LED vision”specifications

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