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Allin1 control cards with computer/sending card/receiving card inside

SoStron as a smart LED screen brand in Shenzhen,except the LED manufacturing parts,we have our own led display control system, it allows customers to view the status of the screen and set the order in which programs are played from the office, as well as to turn screen on and off at regular intervals (with protecting the screen).

LED screen brand

Login the cloud to control your screen live.

Those could save the customer time and labor, the customer does not need to go to the electrical box supplier or other software suppliers, can spend less money to achieve the same or even better results, we provide a true sense of the complete solution so you do not have to find another one.

For example, with our idea, we R&D a new controller (3 in 1)for your in&ourdoor advertising, it integrates android system player, sending card & receiving card all together, to make thinner,smarter,and easier display solutions. The specification please check the files.

LED screen brand

This how the Allin1 cards looks like.

And unlike other traders, with our own factories and production lines, our own showrooms and product lines in China, better quality assurance, more stable delivery guarantees, and ready-to-help after-sales management with product development to provide customization, with a variety of test samples.

LED screen brand

The most advantageous solutions offer partners, more flexible products, more focused services, smarter systems, more creative ideas, and a more futuristic flavor are from SoStron.

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