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Can outdoor LED displays be used indoors?

The LED display industry has experienced a development process from outdoor to indoor. From the simple outdoor display screen to the present, it has formed a huge LED display industry. As the scale of the LED display market continues to expand, more and more users have a new understanding of LED displays. So, can outdoor LED displays be used indoors? Do you understand the difference between indoor LED display and outdoor LED display?

Outdoor LED displays can often be used indoors too!

But there are some factors and differences to be aware of


Generally speaking, the brightness requirements of indoor LED displays are not high. If it is outdoors, the light is relatively strong. The brightness design of outdoor LED display modules is relatively high during production. Otherwise, it cannot be viewed outdoors, and the hardware difference between the two is large.

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Model Selection and Viewing Distance Limitations

When making an outdoor LED full-color screen, users who are far away are usually considered, but if it is used indoors, the viewing distance will change. At long distances, there is no need to consider the clarity of the product, but at close range, the picture is usually blurry.

Generally, indoor LED displays require a short viewing distance, and the models are generally P2, P3, P4, and P5, so the area is generally not large, within 15 square meters, while outdoor LED displays require a longer viewing distance, and the models are generally P8, P10, P16, P20, so its area is determined to be larger, generally more than 30 square meters. After moving indoors to outdoors, sometimes the viewing effect is not suitable.

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Waterproof performance

Indoor LED screens do not require waterproofing. Some manufacturers only make simple waterproof structures. However, outdoor screens have higher requirements for waterproof and lightning protection, because thunderstorms and rainy days are often encountered when working outdoors. Snow and other weather;

Environmental conditions

Outdoor screens are designed for use in a variety of harsh weather conditions, including high and low temperatures, humidity and UV exposure. When used indoors, these extreme conditions may not exist, so more affordable indoor LED screens may be chosen.

In short, outdoor LED displays can be used indoors, but they need to be adjusted and configured according to the actual situation to ensure the best performance and effect. As your LED screen expert, we have prepared the LED display solution plan for you. Why not start by visiting our LED screens and get a free quote!

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