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DOOH road side in Botswana

The outdoor DOOH screen was installed beside a crossroad in Gaborone Botswana.

Three things are so important in Retail business and Restaurant business

Botswana led display

Location! Location! Location!

Three things are so important in outdoor advertising business

Traffic jam! Traffic jam! Traffic jam!

This outdoor led billboard was installed beside a crossroad,100,000 cars come and go each day,traffic jam happens when people come to work and off work.To avoid the disturbing of the driver,the content is with slow motions,and there’s a delay when change to another one.

8 advertising play in a loop,and change it from office.The 50sqm P10mm with nice video performance and remote control ability, the DoMedea B60 meida player integrate IOT ability to control screen and change content remotely,make it possible to mange 20 screen by just one designer in office.

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