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5 minutes to understand the LED display soft module


What is an LED display module?
LED display soft module advantages
Where the LED soft module is used

What is an LED display module?

LED display module refers to the LED display module made of flexible materials.

flexible led screen module

LED display soft module advantages

Compared to traditional hard modules, soft modules have the following advantages:

Flexible and bendable: Soft modules are made of flexible substrate materials that can be bent and folded to accommodate the installation needs of irregular shapes. It can adapt to arc, cylindrical and other unconventional display scenes.

Lightweight and portable: Soft modules are relatively light and lightweight, making them easy to carry and install. It can be used in occasions that require quick setup and disassembly, such as exhibitions, events, etc.

High flexibility: Soft module can realize a variety of shapes of the screen design, such as arc, wavy, three-dimensional shape, to provide more creative and unique display effect.

Impact resistance and folding resistance: Soft modules are made of flexible materials with good impact resistance and folding ability, which can reduce the risk of damage to a certain extent.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: Soft modules have low energy consumption and use efficient LED technology to save energy and reduce environmental impact.

LED module

Where the LED soft module is used?

LED soft modules can be used in the following areas and places:

Facades and facades of buildings: LED soft modules can be flexibly fitted to facades or facades of curved, curved or irregular shapes of buildings to achieve gorgeous appearance. It can be used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, theatres and so on.

Stage and performance venue: LED soft module can be used for stage background, stage decoration and large performance venue. Due to its flexibility and bendability, it can create a variety of creative visual effects, providing shock and memorable stage performances. Free application guide for stage led display.

Body advertising and display: LED soft modules can be applied to the body advertising of cars, buses, subways and other means of transportation, bringing more attractive and innovative mobile advertising. It can also be used for exhibitions, events and mobile displays.

Curved display: LED soft module is suitable for making curved, wavy, spherical and other curved displays. The display provides a smoother and more seamless display for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Creative decorations and artworks: Due to its flexibility and plasticity, LED soft modules can be applied to the production of creative decorations and artworks, including art installations, decorative lighting, art exhibitions and more.

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