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Dubai naked eye 3D LED billboard cost

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What is Dubai naked eye 3D LED billboard?
What is naked-eye 3D technology?
Highlights of naked-eye 3D LED billboards in Dubai
Dubai naked eye 3D LED billboard production cost

With the maturity of VR, AR, XR and other technologies, as well as the popularization of 5G and the addition of AI technology in recent years, LED displays have also begun to shine in the field of naked-eye 3D experience. All walks of life have turned their attention to LED naked-eye 3D display, only to attract more users through personalized experience and bring new impetus to the industry. 3D LED billboard, don’t miss this future advertising trend.

Glasses-free 3D display technology has always been one of the directions that the display industry is actively exploring and pursuing. As a relatively new innovative technology, glasses-free 3D technology has many advantages. Create a realistic 3D effect, and can effectively avoid the nausea, dizziness, visual fatigue and other adverse reactions that the naked-eye 3D experience is used to.

What is naked Dubai naked eye 3D LED billboard?

The effect that can be observed with the naked eye without wearing the device is usually called the naked eye 3D effect.

The more common naked-eye 3D effect on the market is usually composed of two screens with corners. LEDs are usually used as the light source, and projection equipment can also be used for projection when necessary.

At the splicing of the screen, if conditions permit, the corners can be replaced with arc corners, which can greatly improve the naked-eye 3D effect.

Although most of the naked-eye 3D large screens we see are angled or curved screens, flat screens can also produce naked-eye 3D visual effects.

Nike3D billboard

What is naked-eye 3D technology?

There are two types of naked-eye 3D display technologies: one is the parallax barrier, which uses the linear stripes distributed at intervals between light-transmitting and opaque to limit the direction of light travel; the other is the cylindrical lens, which uses the focusing and light refraction technology of the cylindrical lens to change the direction of light travel The direction splits the light. The 3D screen using this technology has the advantages of high brightness, no need to rely on external light, and the self-display can effectively eliminate moiré, so you can enjoy the immersive experience of spatial dimension without causing visual fatigue.

Highlights of naked-eye 3D LED billboards in Dubai

1. Seamless corner splicing technology

The display on the LED screen is more integrated, and the excellent display effect makes the screen 3D more intense and the image more realistic. Smooth transition to corners through small size modules.

2. No need for 3D glasses

You can watch the three-dimensional stereoscopic image effect without any auxiliary equipment, and get rid of the shackles of glasses.

3. No moiré

The special algorithm can effectively remove the moiré, and the eyes can accept the video image without hindrance, with high definition.

4. Wide range of applications

Applicable to all places for user image display and user experience, especially applications on portable devices will be popular.

3D LED billboard

Dubai naked eye 3D LED billboard production cost

Display size and technical specifications: The size and technical specifications of the naked-eye 3D LED billboard will directly affect the cost. Larger, higher-resolution displays are generally more expensive.

Pixel pitch: Smaller pixel pitch may give better 3D effects, but may also increase cost.

Mounting location and method: Different locations and methods of installation (wall mounting, hanging mounting, etc.) may affect the installation cost.

Production and Design Fees: Additional costs may be incurred for the production of 3D content and design ideas.

Maintenance and management costs: naked-eye 3D LED billboards also require regular maintenance and management, so it is also important to consider maintenance costs.

To sum up, the production cost of naked-eye 3D LED billboards can range from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The emergence of naked-eye 3D LED billboards breaks the inherent form of traditional large screens and brings a new visual experience. With the development and integration of technology in the future, naked-eye 3D will also become one of the mainstream large-screen display technologies.

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