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Dubai outdoor LED display cost and construction process

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Where is the largest outdoor LED display in Dubai?
The design and construction process of outdoor LED display in Dubai
Investment cost and economic benefits of Dubai outdoor LED display
Dubai Outdoor LED Display Prices

Where is the largest outdoor LED display in Dubai?

Dubai’s largest outdoor LED display is located near the “Dubai Water Dance Show” in the Dubai Mall. Dubbed the “Dancing Water Show Wall Dubai”, the display is one of the largest mobile LED curtain walls in the world.

outdoor LED display in Dubai

Located in front of the lake in Dubai Mall, this LED curtain wall is combined with the music and fountain performance of Dubai Water Dance Show to create a spectacular visual effect. This curtain wall is used to play visual content synchronized with the fountain show, forming a unified audio-visual feast with music and fountain performances. Here is an introduction guide for full color LED display in Dubai.

The design and construction process of outdoor LED display in Dubai

Site selection and planning: The production process of the exterior LED display screen begins with the design and planning stage. At this stage, the designer needs to formulate parameters such as the size, resolution, and brightness of the display screen according to the needs and requirements of the customer. At the same time, designers also need to consider the installation environment and usage scenarios of the display to ensure the best display effect.

Technical specifications: According to the expected usage scenarios, determine the technical specifications, including brightness, resolution, dustproof and waterproof, etc.

Material selection: After the design and planning are completed, the production process enters the raw material preparation stage. The production of outdoor LED displays requires the use of various raw materials, including LED chips, PCB boards, power supplies, driver chips, casings, boxes, etc. These raw materials need to go through strict selection and procurement to ensure quality and reliability.

Design and manufacture: Design the appearance and structure of the display screen, select the appropriate LED module, manufacture and assemble.

Testing and Quality Control: After the assembly and welding are completed, the LED display needs to be tested and debugged. This process includes a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of display effects, brightness, color, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to perform a functional test (aging) on the display to ensure that various functions are operating normally. If any problems are found, they need to be repaired and adjusted in time to ensure the quality and performance of the display.

Installation and commissioning: The last stage of the production process of outdoor LED display is installation and commissioning. At this stage, professional installers install the display at the designated location, then connect the necessary power supply lines and signal transmission lines correctly, and enter the debugging work after confirmation, and adjust and optimize the display effect according to the site environment. After everything is ready, the outdoor LED display can be officially put into use.

Maintenance plan: Create a maintenance plan to ensure regular cleaning, maintenance and updating.

Investment cost and economic benefits of Dubai outdoor LED display

Investment cost: The investment cost of Dubai outdoor LED display involves many aspects, including the size of the display, technical specifications, location, design complexity, material selection, installation costs, power supply, etc. Large, high-quality LED display screens have relatively high investment costs.

Maintenance cost: In addition to the initial investment, maintenance costs also need to be considered, such as regular cleaning, LED module replacement, power consumption, fault repair, etc. Maintenance costs are related to the size and complexity of the display.

Advertising revenue: In the right place, the outdoor LED display can be used for advertising to bring advertising revenue to the owners, thus offsetting the investment cost to a certain extent.

Publicity and brand value: Outdoor LED displays with high quality can enhance the publicity effect of the venue, enhance brand value, and attract tourists and consumers.

Audience attraction: A good outdoor LED display can attract more audiences, provide a visual experience different from other media, and bring more participants to commercial, cultural and other activities.

Dubai Outdoor LED Display Prices

Dubai Outdoor LED Display Prices

p4 USD 600 per square meter for indoor LED display;
USD 400 per square meter for P8 indoor LED display;
P10 indoor LED display is $200 per square meter.

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