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How much does the P10 LED display cost?


What does P10 mean on LED display?
How much does the P10 LED display cost?
What are the advantages of P10 LED display?
How to make P10 LED display?

What does P10 mean on LED display?

“P10” refers to a specification parameter commonly used in the LED display industry to describe the pixel pitch of the LED display.

In the P10 specification, the letter “P” represents pixels (Pixel) and the number “10” represents Pixel Pitch (pixel pitch), in millimeters (mm). Therefore, P10 indicates that the pixel pitch of the LED display is 10 mm.

P10 LED display has a large pixel spacing, which is usually used for outdoor large display, such as billboards, outdoor advertising screens, sports stadium screens, etc. Due to the large pixel spacing, the P10 display works better when viewed from a distance, and is able to present clear, striking images and text. However, compared to the small-pitch LED display, the P10 has a lower resolution and is suitable for viewing scenes at a longer distance.

It should be noted that in addition to P10, LED displays have other common specifications, such as P2, P3, P4, etc., which respectively represent different pixel spacing and pixel density, suitable for different application scenarios and needs. The selection of the appropriate pixel pitch needs to be considered according to the actual application requirements, viewing distance and budget. Free LED pitch selection guide.

P10 LED display

How much does the P10 LED display cost?

The cost of LED display is affected by a number of factors, so it is not possible to provide a specific P10 LED display cost. The cost of LED displays is usually determined by the following factors:

Size and area: The larger the size and area of the LED display, the higher the cost is usually.

Pixel pitch and resolution: The pixel pitch of the P10 LED display is 10 mm, which is relatively large, and the smaller the pixel pitch and the higher the resolution of the LED display usually costs more.

Brand and quality: Well-known brands and high-quality LED displays are usually more expensive because they provide more reliable performance and quality assurance.

Technical requirements and special features: If the LED display requires special technical requirements or additional features (such as high brightness, water and dust resistance, etc.), this may increase the cost.

Quantity and customization needs: In the case of purchasing multiple LED displays or customization needs, the cost may be discounted or changed.

Market competition and supply and demand: Market competition and supply and demand also have an impact on costs.

Due to the complexity and variability of these factors, the P10 LED display cost range is $200-500 per square meter. In order to obtain accurate cost information, it is recommended that you contact us directly so that you can ensure that you get the most accurate cost information that meets your budget and needs.

What are the advantages of P10 LED display?

High brightness and visibility: The P10 LED display uses a high-brightness LED chip to display eye-catching images and content outdoors or in bright environments, ensuring good visibility.

Good viewing effect from a distance: Due to the large pixel spacing of the P10 LED display, it is suitable for long-distance viewing, such as billboards, sports venues and outdoor large screens. Viewers can watch from a longer distance and still get clear images and text.

Durability and reliability: P10 LED displays usually use high-quality LED chips and excellent structural design, with high durability and reliability. They can resist various climatic conditions and the influence of the external environment, and adapt to working long hours in the room.

Large size and splicing: The P10 LED display can be modular splicing as required to form a larger display screen. This makes them ideal for situations where large images or videos need to be displayed.

P10 LED display

How to make P10 LED display?

Making a P10 LED display requires a series of steps and expertise. The following is the general production of P10 LED display basic process:

Design and planning: According to customer needs and application scenarios, determine the size of the LED display, pixel spacing, resolution, brightness requirements. Develop design plan and layout plan.

LED module production: LED module is the basic unit of LED display, which is composed of LED chip, PCB circuit board, driver chip and so on. The production of LED modules usually includes PCB production, LED chip mounting and welding, testing and other steps.

Display structure production: The production of LED display structure frame, including the selection of frame materials, cutting and assembly. The structural framework needs to be stable and adaptable to support the installation and splicing of LED modules.

LED module installation and splicing: The made LED module is installed in the display structure frame, and the layout and splicing are carried out according to the design scheme. Ensure LED modules are aligned and securely connected.

Drive and control system: Connect the LED module to the control system, including power supply, data signal transmission and display control. Make sure the LED display drives and displays the image content correctly.

Test and debug: test and debug the assembled LED display to ensure the normal work of each module and pixel, adjust the brightness, color balance and image effect.

Installation and adjustment: According to the actual installation site, the LED display is installed and adjusted, including fixing, correcting and adjusting the viewing Angle. Ensure that the LED display works properly in the use environment.

The production of P10 LED display requires professional knowledge and technology, and involves multiple processes and steps. It usually needs to be completed by a professional LED display manufacturer or supplier. If you have specific production needs, it is recommended to consult us, a professional LED display manufacturer, to obtain more detailed production process and technical support.

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