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What factors are related to the stability of LED transparent screen

What is LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen is often referred to as a hard light strip transparent screen, which is thin, transparent, transparent and gorgeous. It is an effective extension and expansion of the application of LED display products, mainly used in building glass curtain walls, shop windows and other fields.

Dubai LED transparent screen

What is the traditional LED screen

Although the traditional LED screen has seized most of the display market by virtue of its high brightness, high-definition and high contrast, it has been criticized for its heavy box, complex installation structure, high cost and brightness pollution. Moreover, modern buildings are mainly glass curtain walls. If traditional LED displays are used for installation, the load-bearing capacity is a thorny problem.

To solve this problem, LED display manufacturers have developed transparent displays. The popularity of transparent screens is also related to their stability. How about the LED transparent screen market in Dubai? What factors are related to the stability of LED transparent screen?

Raw materials of LED transparent screen

LED transparent screen, like LED display screen, requires LED lamp beads, driver IC, power supply, control card and power signal. When selecting the raw materials of LED transparent screen, LED display manufacturers generally choose products that meet national standards or international well-known brands, and these products should be higher than the industry standards for relevant tests, as well as various protection functions. For example, the power supply shall meet the requirements of overheating, short circuit and overload protection, and the AC input shall support wide voltage and surge resistance. DC output shall be provided with overvoltage and overcurrent protection. The structural design shall ensure the beauty of the box as well as the good heat dissipation function inside, as well as the function of rapid splicing, installation and removal. At the same time, the acrylic glass shall ensure its permeability, anti-collision and heat dissipation.

Monitoring the working state of transparent screen

In order to ensure that the LED transparent screen can operate more stably, LED display manufacturers are equipped with induction modules on the basis of the transparent screen, including the working conditions of temperature, voltage, cooling fan, humidity and smoke. Through real-time computer monitoring, the operating status of the screen can be observed at any time. At the same time, the abnormal status of the screen can be automatically adjusted, and the abnormal position and alarm can be provided. For example, the humidity inside a box is relatively high due to environment or other factors. Without timely treatment, the power supply inside the box will be subject to over temperature protection at any time.

In this case, the system will reduce the internal humidity by intelligently adjusting the working state of the transparent LED display. When the intelligent adjustment cannot reduce the temperature to the preset target value, the system will give an alarm through the way set by the staff, provide the position of the abnormal box, notify the staff to deal with it in time, and ensure the normal working state of the display screen.

Dubai LED transparent screen

System control

LED screen is only used as a display device, so it needs external control system and computer to control. If there is a problem with the control system, the entire screen will not work properly. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, LED display manufacturers use the hot backup function in every link of system control, including video sending, receiving equipment and signal transmission cables. When an accident occurs in a certain link, the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby equipment at an extremely fast speed. The whole switching process will not affect the normal operation of the transparent display screen.

Of course, this kind of hot standby LED display screen is usually used for stage scenes and live broadcast scenes. If the signal input line of a certain display screen in the middle of the large screen is loosened due to staff or other reasons, in the conventional control scheme, all displays have no signal from the box where the loosening occurs to the end of the signal cascade. If the hot backup function is used, the standby signal line will directly replace the work at the moment when the signal line fails, without affecting the normal work of the screen.

The above is a brief introduction of the LED display manufacturer about the factors related to the stability of the LED transparent screen, mainly including the raw materials of the LED transparent screen, monitoring the working state of the transparent screen and system control. Generally speaking, the traditional LED transparent screen does not need the hot backup function, while the live broadcast and dance show are used more frequently. The hot backup function allows the power supply or signal to work instead of the damaged part, thus ensuring the normal operation of the screen. With the accelerated pace of urban construction, glass curtain wall, a high-end and high grade building material, has gradually become popular. With its characteristics of light and thin, no steel frame structure, simple installation and maintenance, and good permeability, transparent screen is in harmony with glass curtain wall. Its application in glass curtain wall not only does not violate the sense of harmony, but also because it is fashionable, beautiful, modern and scientific, It adds a special sense of beauty to urban buildings. Therefore, LED transparent screen has won unanimous recognition in the market and received extensive attention.

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