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Is COB LED Better Than LED?

With the continuous development of LED technology, COB LED has gradually become the new favorite in the LED display market. Compared to traditional LEDs, COB LEDs have many advantages such as uniform illumination, high contrast, good heat dissipation, and low power consumption. So, is COB LED really better than LED? What is the difference between SMD LED display and COB LED display?


Definition and Characteristics of COB LED and LED

COB LED (Chip-on-Board) refers to the direct packaging of LED chips on a PCB board without the need for brackets and lamp beads, thus having a higher fill factor and uniform illumination. What is COB LED screen?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) refers to a light-emitting electronic device made of semiconductor materials.

Characteristics COB LED LED
Packaging Method LED chips directly packaged on PCB board LED chips packaged on brackets, then soldered onto PCB board
Fill Factor >90% <80%
Uniform Illumination Good Poor
Contrast High Low
Heat Dissipation Good Poor
Power Consumption Low High
Price Higher Lower

From the buyer’s perspective, COB LED screens have the following advantages compared to LED displays:

1. Better Display Performance

The transmittance of COB LED screens can reach over 70%, which is more than twice that of traditional LED displays, thus providing better visual effects. In bright environments, COB LED screens can still display content clearly. Although traditional LED displays can achieve a certain level of display performance, they may lag behind COB LEDs in terms of detail representation and color reproduction. COB LED display: Explore novel display technology.

2. Thinner Thickness

The thickness of COB LED screens can be less than 10mm, which is about one-third of traditional LED displays, thus saving more space. COB LED screens can be installed in narrower spaces, such as shop windows, elevator shafts, etc.

3. Lighter Weight

The weight of COB LED screens is about half that of traditional LED displays, making them easier to install and transport. COB LED screens can reduce installation and transportation costs and are also more convenient for replacement and maintenance.

COB LED screens

4. Higher Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of COB LED screens can exceed 10,000:1, which is more than twice that of traditional LED displays, resulting in clearer and more delicate images. COB LED screens can better display picture details, especially dark details. How to adjust the brightness and contrast of LED display?

5. Wider Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of COB LED screens can exceed 170 degrees, which is more than twice that of traditional LED displays, making the picture clear and visible from any angle. COB LED screens are suitable for use in places with high foot traffic, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.

COB LED screens

6. Longer Lifespan

The integrated packaging technology between the LED chips and PCB board of COB LED screens makes them more durable. The lifespan of COB LED screens can exceed 100,000 hours, which is more than twice that of traditional LED displays.

7. Lower Power Consumption

The power consumption of COB LED screens is more than 20% lower than that of traditional LED displays, making them more energy-efficient. COB LED screens can help businesses reduce operating costs. However, due to the high integration of COB LED screens, heat dissipation issues are relatively more prominent. Poor heat dissipation design may result in decreased screen performance or shortened lifespan. Therefore, buyers need to pay attention to the heat dissipation design of the product when choosing.

COB LED screens

8. Higher Cost-Effectiveness

The manufacturing cost of COB LED screens is relatively high, so their market price is usually higher than that of traditional LED screens. For buyers with limited budgets, this may be a factor to consider. However, considering the advantages of COB LED screens in display performance, energy consumption, etc., and the potential energy cost savings during long-term use, their cost-effectiveness may not necessarily be lower than that of LED screens. Here are the commercial LED display price ranges.

Overall, COB LED screens represent a more advanced LED display technology, offering better display performance, thinner thickness, lighter weight, higher contrast, wider viewing angles, longer lifespan, and lower power consumption, thereby providing buyers with better visual effects and a superior user experience.

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