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LED Commercial Poster Screen Size and Price Guide


1. Technical Features of LED Commercial Poster Screen

2. Application Fields

3. Design and Innovation

4. Purpose of Commercial Posters

5. What is the size of LED wall posters?

6. Case Analysis

7. Price of LED Commercial Poster Screen

8. Our LED Commercial Poster Screen – sPoster

9. Summary

In today’s digital age, LED commercial poster screens, as an emerging promotional medium, are gradually becoming an indispensable part of the business field with their unique technical advantages and innovative design. Whether it is a retail store, restaurant, exhibition venue or event site, LED commercial poster screens have become an important tool for attracting customers’ attention and conveying brand information with their eye-catching characteristics. This article will delve into key issues such as the purpose, size and price of LED commercial posters to bring you a comprehensive understanding and guidance.

LED Commercial Poster Screen

1. Technical Features of LED Commercial Poster Screens

LED commercial poster screens have become a disruptor of traditional posters with their high brightness, good visibility and remote control. The LED display technology it uses makes the picture more vivid and clear, and can be displayed clearly under different lighting conditions, attracting more attention. COB LED display: explore novel display technology.

2. Application fields

LED commercial poster screens are widely used in various fields, from retail to catering, from entertainment to public services. They not only enhance the brand image, but also bring more marketing opportunities to enterprises and attract more customers.

3. Design and innovation

The design and innovation of LED commercial poster screens are the key to their appeal. Through unique content design, animation effects and interactive functions, LED commercial posters can attract the attention of the target audience, enhance the communication effect and improve the user experience.

LED commercial posters

4. Purpose of commercial posters

Attract the attention of the target audience, convey specific information or promotional content, and thus promote the sales and promotion of products, services or brands. They are usually used in stores, exhibitions, event sites and other occasions to attract customers, enhance brand image, promote sales, convey specific information, etc. Provide you with the price range of commercial LED display screens.

5. What is the size of LED wall posters?

The size of LED wall posters can vary depending on the application scenario and needs. Generally speaking, the size of LED wall posters can range from a few square meters to dozens of square meters. In a commercial environment, the common size of LED wall posters can range from a few meters to more than ten meters, and the specific size is usually determined according to the size and visual range of the commercial venue.

For example, in indoor stores, exhibition halls or conference rooms, the size of LED posters may be relatively small, suitable for being placed on walls or booths to display product information, advertising content, etc. In outdoor billboards or large exhibition venues, the size of LED posters may be larger to attract pedestrians or audiences farther away and provide a wider visual effect.

6. Case analysis

Some successful cases of LED commercial poster screens have demonstrated their advantages in brand marketing and communication. For example, a well-known retail brand used LED commercial posters to display the latest products at the door of the store, attracting the attention of a large number of customers and increasing sales.

7. Price of LED commercial poster screens

Generally speaking, the price of LED commercial posters may range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the specific price needs to be determined according to the specific needs of the customer and the products purchased.

The following are factors that affect the price of LED commercial posters.

Size and resolution: The price of LED commercial poster screens is closely related to its size and resolution. Larger size and higher resolution LED screens are usually more expensive.

Technology and quality: The price of LED screens varies depending on the technology and quality level. High-quality LED screens are usually more expensive, but can provide better performance and stability in long-term use.

Functions and additional features: Some LED commercial posters may have additional functions and features, such as remote control, interactive functions, automatic brightness adjustment, etc., which may increase the price.

Customization requirements: If customers have customized requirements, such as specific shapes, special installation methods, customized content, etc., the price of LED commercial posters will usually increase. What should be considered for customized LED digital screens?

Brands and suppliers: The prices of LED commercial posters from different brands and suppliers may vary. Well-known brands and suppliers with a good reputation are usually relatively expensive, but they can also provide more reliable products and after-sales service.

LED commercial posters

8. Our LED commercial poster screen – sPoster

Lightweight and portable

Compared with traditional LED display screens, sPoster is light in weight and has an ultra-thin frame, which greatly improves its portability. The wheel design on the bracket makes it easy for a single person to move, which is convenient for quick transfer and deployment, which is a huge advantage for merchants who need to frequently change advertising locations.

Intelligent control and multi-machine cascading

sPoster supports multiple connection methods such as WIFI, USB, HDMI, and network cable. Users can control it through a computer or smartphone, which is easy to operate. The built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player can achieve real-time zooming in and out of content without the need for an additional video processor. In addition, 8GB of memory and USB expansion function ensure ample storage space, so that users do not need to worry about program size and memory limitations.

LED commercial poster screen - sPoster

User-friendly plug-and-play function

sPoster is designed with the convenience of end users in mind. Users only need to send the program and plug in the power supply, and the LED poster can automatically play videos, pictures, texts and other content, eliminating the need for repeated software setting steps, greatly improving the user experience.

Flexibility of multi-screen splicing

LED poster screens can be seamlessly spliced ​​into larger screens, especially suitable for occasions that require large-screen display. For example, 6 LED digital posters can be spliced ​​to form a 16:9 golden ratio screen, while connecting 10 P3 LED posters can achieve 1080p high-definition performance.

Diversified installation methods

sPoster provides a variety of installation methods such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, suspended, and floor-standing to meet the needs of different scenarios. In addition, through innovative installation methods such as tilted installation and unit cutting, more attractive and personalized LED display screens can be created. Here are 7 common ways to install LED displays.

LED commercial poster screen - sPoster

Intelligent control system

sPoster can connect to external light sensors to automatically adjust the screen brightness to adapt to different ambient light conditions. In addition, it supports connection and interaction with speakers, which further enhances the attractiveness and interactivity of advertising.

Customized service

In order to meet the personalized needs of different brands, SoStron provides customized services, including printing brand logos on cabinets, customizing cabinet colors and screen sizes according to color and size information, and helping brands stand out in the market.

9. Summary

In summary, LED commercial posters have become a powerful tool for modern commercial publicity with their eye-catching characteristics. Whether it is brand promotion, product display or publicity activities, LED commercial posters can meet different needs, and with the continuous development of technology and the continuous growth of the market, the application prospects of LED commercial posters will be broader. When choosing LED commercial posters, be sure to take into account factors such as their purpose, size and price to ensure that you choose the best product that suits your needs.

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