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LED Screen Rental Price Calculation Guide

Table of Contents

1. Factors affecting the rental cost of LED display screen
2. How to calculate the LED display rental price?
3. How to rent LED display screen?
4. How much does it cost to rent an LED display?
5. Our rental LED products – Hima
6. Questions and answers about LED display rental

In today’s fast-paced events, whether it’s for business conferences, concerts, or sports events, LED screen rental has become a key factor in enhancing the event experience and visual impact. High-quality LED screens not only attract the audience’s attention but also enhance the communication of information through dynamic images and video content. This article will delve into the costs of LED screen rental, methods of price calculation, and how to maximize the use of this technology to enhance the effectiveness of your event.

LED screen rental

1, Factors Affecting LED Screen Rental Costs:

Screen Size and Resolution: The size and resolution of the LED screen determine its manufacturing cost and rental price. Generally, larger screens with higher resolutions come with higher rental costs.

Screen Type: Different types of LED screens (such as indoor, outdoor, curved, etc.) have different manufacturing costs and rental prices. Outdoor screens typically require more durable materials and waterproof designs, hence the rental cost is higher. What are the advantages of using LED transparent screen rental for retail display?

Rental Duration: The duration of the LED screen rental directly affects the rental price. Generally, longer-term rentals are cheaper, while short-term rentals are more expensive.

Installation and Dismantling Fees: Rental prices usually include the installation and dismantling costs of the screen. These fees depend on the complexity of the installation location and the labor required.

Transportation and Logistics Costs: If the rental location is far from the supplier, transportation and logistics costs may increase the rental cost.

Technical Support and Maintenance Services: Some rental companies provide technical support and maintenance services, which may affect the rental price.

LED screen rental

2, How are LED Screen Rental Prices Calculated?

Generally, the formula for calculating LED screen rental prices is:

Total Rental Price = (Basic Screen Fee + Installation Fee + Transportation Fee) × Rental Duration + Technical Support and Maintenance Fees

LED Screen Rental Case Study

Requirement Description:

A large company plans to hold a new product launch conference in New York and needs to rent an LED display to display product information and promotional videos.

Rental Cost Calculation:

a. Basic Screen Fee:

According to market conditions, the rental price of indoor P3.91 small-pitch LED display is about US$40-50/square meter per day. Taking the midpoint of $350/square meter, the basic cost per day for a 10 square meter display is $700.

b. Installation Fee:

The installation fee for an LED screen is generally calculated based on the screen size and installation method. For a 10-square-meter suspended LED screen, the installation fee is approximately $300.

c. Transportation Fee:

The transportation fee for an LED screen is generally calculated based on the distance and mode of transportation. Assuming a transportation distance of 50 kilometers using car transport, the transportation fee is about $100.

d. Technical Support and Maintenance Fees:

Rental companies usually provide technical support and maintenance services, with a fee of about $70 per day.

Total Rental Price:

Adding up the above costs gives us the total rental price:

Total Rental Price = (Basic Screen Fee + Installation Fee + Transportation Fee) × Rental Duration + Technical Support and Maintenance Fees = (700+700+300 + 100)×3+100)×3+700 × 3 = 3,300+3,300+2,100 = $5,400

3, How to Proceed with LED Screen Rental?

Determine Rental Requirements: Clearly specify the required LED screen model, specifications, size, rental duration, rental location, etc.

Choose a Rental Company: Select a reputable LED rental company and request a quote.

Sign Rental Contract: Both parties sign a rental contract, clarifying the rental terms and responsibilities.

Installation and Testing: The rental company is responsible for the installation and testing of the LED screen. LED display installation guide is provided free of charge.

Usage and Maintenance: The renter is responsible for the usage and maintenance of the LED screen, ensuring its normal operation.

Return and Acceptance: After the rental period, the renter must return the LED screen to the rental company for acceptance.

LED screen rental

4, How Much Does LED Screen Rental Cost?

LED screen rental prices depend on several factors:

a. Screen Type and Specifications: Different models and specifications of LED screens, their pixel pitches, brightness, resolution, size, and other parameters will affect the rental price. Generally, screens with smaller pixel pitches, higher brightness, and higher resolution have higher rental prices. Here are the LED display specifications.

b. Rental Duration: The longer the rental duration, the more favorable the rental price. Typically, rentals of a week or more can enjoy certain discounts.

c. Rental Location: Rental prices may vary by region. Rental prices in first and second-tier cities are generally higher than in third and fourth-tier cities.

d. Additional Services: Whether the renter provides additional services such as installation, testing, maintenance, etc., will also affect the rental price.

Here are some reference ranges for LED screen rental prices:

Indoor LED Screens:

P10: $30-60 per square meter per day
P5: $45-80 per square meter per day
P4: $60-100 per square meter per day
P3: $75-120 per square meter per day
P2: $90-150 per square meter per day

Outdoor LED Screens:

P10: $45-90 per square meter per day
P8: $60-100 per square meter per day
P6: $75-120 per square meter per day
P5: $90-150 per square meter per day
P4: $110-180 per square meter per day

Please note that these prices are for reference only and may vary depending on brand, model, size, and configuration. Additionally, installation, maintenance, and other related costs should be considered.

5, Our Rental LED Product – Hima

Rental LED Product - Hima

Innovative Features: Hima LED screens bring additional fun and interactivity to events, enhancing the experience of participants.

Unique installation design: The 90° installation design and 45° angle-cut cabinet provide the screen with more creative design possibilities and viewing angles, attracting the audience’s attention.

Rental LED Product - Hima

Diverse Applications: Whether used as a simple floor screen or combined with interactive devices, Hima can make events more exciting and effectively increase audience engagement.

Advanced manufacturing technology: The screen is made of aluminum material made of die-casting technology, ensuring rapid production and high-precision box quality, achieving seamless screen connection and excellent visual effects.

Rental LED Product - Hima

Portability and Practicality: The compact size of 500*500 mm and built-in handle design make Hima easy to carry and install, saving space and increasing the flexibility of events.

Creative Interactive Experience: The flexibility and portability of Hima inspire creative ideas for event planning and content display, making each use create a unique interactive experience.

Multifunctional Applications: As a portable conference screen, Hima is suitable for various occasions, whether for business displays or private gatherings, adding vitality and creativity.

6, Frequently Asked Questions about LED Screen Rental:

How to choose the right LED screen rental for your retail store?


Consider the size and layout of the retail store and select the appropriate size and specifications.
Choose high-brightness, high-resolution LED screens to attract customer attention.
Select content management software for easy publication of advertisements and promotional information.

How to choose the right LED screen rental for your theater production?


Consider the stage size and audience seating layout of the theater and select the appropriate size and specifications.
Choose high-resolution, high-refresh-rate LED screens to ensure clear and smooth images.
Select LED screens that support various signal inputs to meet different performance needs.

rate LED screens

How can renting an LED screen enhance trade show exhibition effects?

Use LED screens to play product videos and presentations to attract audience attention.
Use LED screens to display real-time data and charts to enhance the presentation effect.
Use LED screens for interactive experiences to increase audience participation. Take you 8 minutes to understand the working principle of LED interactive floor tile screen.

What are the advantages of using a rented LED screen for meetings?

Clearly display meeting content for easy viewing by attendees. Take you 5 minutes to understand the conference room LED display.
Can be used for multi-image tiling to display more information.
Allows for live interaction to improve meeting efficiency.

How can you profit from renting LED screens?

Rental Fees:

This is the most direct way to profit. Rental companies can make a profit by charging customers rental fees. Rental fees are generally determined based on factors such as screen size, specifications, rental duration, and location.

Advertising Revenue:

LED screens can play advertisements, and rental companies can profit by selling ad space. Advertising revenue is generally determined based on factors such as ad duration, location, and content.

rate LED screens

Here are some strategies to increase the profit margin of LED screen rental:


    • Invest in high-quality LED screens: High-quality LED screens are in high demand and command higher rental prices, increasing the profit margin.
    • Expand the customer base: Rental companies can expand their customer base, for example, by extending their business to outdoor advertising, exhibition displays, conference events, and other fields.
    • Improve operational efficiency: Rental companies can reduce costs by improving operational efficiency, such as using rental management software to simplify the rental process.
    • Offer value-added services: Rental companies can offer value-added services, such as providing ad design, production, and placement services, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In summary, LED screen rental provides flexibility and professional visual solutions for events of all sizes. By choosing the right rental service provider and ensuring the quality and technical support of the screen, your event will leave a lasting impression and provide an unforgettable experience for participants. Remember, choosing the right LED screen rental service is not just about having a screen; it’s about creating a story that lets every beam of light serve your brand and information. Therefore, investing in high-quality LED screen rental brings unlimited possibilities to your event.

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