How small can the LED screen be?

As we all know, there are many types of outdoor advertisements, and different types have different uses. LED display screen is one of them. You should have seen it in some shopping malls or pedestrian streets, which is very eye-catching and attractive.

So, how small can the LED screen be?

With the continuous development and maturity of small spacing technology and process, more and more LED display products begin to be small spacing, and the variety of small spacing related products emerging in the market is constantly enriched. While constantly opening up new market space, it also promotes the growth of small spacing market scale, and the recognition of small spacing led by the market is further improved.


What is the specific size of LED display?

1. The specifications of indoor LED display are generally: Ф 5.0: the size of single module is 48.8*24.4cm, consisting of 2048 pieces in diameter Ф 5.0mmled wafer composition, point resolution of 17220/m2, screen brightness (average value): >800cd/m2, viewing angle: 145 ° horizontal, 120 ° vertical; Ф 3.75: the size of single module is 30.4*15.2cm, consisting of 2048 pieces in diameter Ф 3.75mm LED chip composition, point resolution of 44320/m2; Screen brightness (average value): >600cd/m2, viewing angle: 145 ° horizontal, 120 ° vertical.

2. Specification of outdoor LED display: the size of a single module is 32*16cm, consisting of 512 pieces in diameter Ф It is composed of 10mm straw hat lamp beads, with a point resolution of 10000/m2, a screen brightness (average value) ≥ 6500cd/m2, and a viewing angle of 120 ° horizontally and 30 ° vertically.


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Can the size of LED display screen be customized?

It can be customized, ranging from a few square meters to tens of thousands of square meters. When measuring the screen display, the manufacturer will generally call for a large area measurement, so that the excess area can be trimmed by wrapping the display area, but it cannot be installed if it is small, because the size of the module and box is fixed, so it is difficult to have a just good plan.

How about the LED display size market?

Judging from the current market situation, p2.0, p1.9, P1.6, P1.2 emerge in endlessly, and even small spacing products such as p0.8 and p0.7 have entered the stage of mass production. Comparing the sales proportion data of various products in the second half of 2015 and 2016, it can be seen that the sales volume of p2.6-p3.0 products has decreased significantly, and the sales volume of p2.5 has also decreased, which is gradually normalized. While the sales volume of small spacing products below p2.0, especially those within p1.923, has gradually increased, indicating that products with smaller spacing are increasingly favored by the market.

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