These ten fields must use LED display!

Monday, July 11, 2022 at 2:41:22 AM GMT+00:00

LED display is characterized by low cost, high brightness, long service life and good playback effect. The indoor angle of view can be greater than 160 degrees, and the outdoor angle of view can be greater than 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED. Easy to interface with computer and rich supporting software. It is gradually widely used in transportation systems, advertising systems, sports venues, financial securities and other major fields. Let's talk about the LED display screen is essential in ten fields.


Use LED display to provide information to the public

Dynamic display of airport flight information. Civil aviation and airports have a very clear demand for display screens, and LED display screens are the preferred and necessary products of flight display systems.

Live display of traffic information. In urban transportation, highways and other fields, the development of intelligent transportation system (ITS) has promoted the wide application of LED display screen as variable information board, speed limit sign and so on.

Information display of dispatching command center. High density LED displays are gradually being used in the fields of power dispatching, vehicle state tracking, vehicle dispatching management, etc.

Passenger guidance information display at stations and ports. The passenger transport hub automation system, which is composed of information and broadcasting system with LED display screen as the main body, train arrival and departure station prompt, ticket information, etc., has become an important part of the technical development and transformation of railway stations and ports in China.

Business publicity and information display in service fields such as postal service, telecommunications, shopping malls, shopping malls, etc.

Display of securities trading and financial information. The LED display used in this field has the largest demand, accounting for almost 50% of the LED display market share, and there is still a large demand at present.

LED display

Live broad cast with LED display

Sports venue information display. As the display axis of the game information, LED display screen is the main means of the live broadcast of the game. It has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display screen and has become a necessary facility for modern stadiums.

Stage rental. Large LED displays are increasingly used for live video broadcast for public purposes, and play an important role in live broadcast and advertising information release.

Use LED display to promote brand

Advertising media. In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor LED display screen as an advertising media, the cluster LED display advertising system and the train LED display advertising release system have also been widely promoted.

exhibition. As one of the important services provided by the exhibition organizers, LED display is provided to exhibitors. There are also some large professional LED display leasing companies abroad, and some large manufacturers provide leasing services.

The above are the ten main applications of LED display. Of course, with the technological progress of LED display, the application of display has long been more than these.