What is an outdoor LED screen? What are its characteristics?

Jul 22, 2022, 3:27:42 AM

In contemporary economic life, outdoor LED large display screen has been well known by people, and is widely used in advertising, traffic information publicity, cultural communication and so on.


What is an outdoor LED screen?

Outdoor advertising screen LED generally covers an area of dozens of square meters or even hundreds of square meters, with high brightness, large viewing angle, windproof, sunscreen, rainproof and other functions. It is commonly used in outdoor advertising, finance, industry and commerce, transportation, airports, hospitals, buildings, stations, squares, shopping malls and other places. Outdoor advertising screen LED types include: new generation outdoor display and conventional outdoor display, as well as transparent screen, grille screen, film screen, glass plank screen, special-shaped screen, etc. Various styles of outdoor LED displays can be designed according to the actual application scenarios and needs of customers.

In large and medium-sized cities around the world, all kinds of outdoor LED large displays fill every corner of the city center, and even become a bright color of the city center. Because of the wide application of outdoor LED display, more and more people are interested in it and want to know more characteristics.


outdoor LED screen

What are the characteristics of outdoor LED screen?

The outdoor LED large display screen is spliced by many single LED displays, and its pixel spacing is generally relatively large. The commonly used specifications mainly include p6.67, P8, P10, p16, etc. Compared with the small spacing LED display screen, the advantage of large spacing is low cost. The cost per square meter of large spacing LED display screen is much lower than that of small spacing LED display screen, while the viewing distance of outdoor large screen is generally far, such as 8m, 10m, etc. when viewing the picture on the large screen from a far distance, there will be no "granular" feeling and the image quality is clear.

It covers a wide range and has a large audience.

The outdoor LED large display screen is generally installed in a relatively high place, and the screen is relatively large, and the viewing angle is also large. Generally, when viewing the video from a 140 degree angle in the horizontal direction, the picture is still clearly visible, which makes the display content of the LED large screen cover a wider range and reach more audiences. This feature is also one of the reasons why many businesses are willing to choose outdoor LED large display screen to play advertising content.

The screen brightness can be adjusted automatically.

The large LED display installed outdoors will be affected by the outdoor weather. For example, the outdoor brightness on sunny days is different from that on rainy days. If the brightness of the display screen cannot be adjusted automatically, the effect will be different and even greatly discounted under different sky colors. In order not to affect the viewing effect of the target audience, the outdoor LED large display screen will have the brightness automatic adjustment function, that is, according to the outdoor weather, the brightness of the display screen will be automatically adjusted to achieve excellent display effect.

Easy to maintain

The cost of installing a large outdoor LED display screen is not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions or even tens of millions. Therefore, simple maintenance is extremely important for the large LED display screen, which is essential to ensure the long-term stable operation of the display screen. Under normal circumstances, the outdoor LED large display screen can achieve post maintenance, and some displays can achieve pre maintenance. Of course, there are also front and rear maintenance. For example, the Ruiling FA series outdoor fixed LED display screen can achieve front and rear maintenance.

High degree of protection

The outdoor environment is unpredictable, with high temperatures in some places and rainy days in others. Therefore, the protection grade of outdoor LED large display screen needs to be above IP65 to prevent rainwater from entering the screen. During installation, pay attention to lightning protection, anti-static induction, etc.

In a word, outdoor LED large displays generally have the above characteristics. Of course, outdoor displays produced by different LED display manufacturers also have other different functions, such as energy saving and power consumption reduction. However, the above features are almost possessed by all outdoor LED screens. With the advent of 5g era, we believe that the LED outdoor large screen will develop more functions and features to meet the more needs of different customers.