The market demand for LED screens has risen steadily

At present, as China's LED display development industry continues to increase, the number of LED large screen displays in the streets and lanes of major cities is gradually increasing, and people's consumption level is also growing. LED has gradually been used in the daily life of families. LED displays not only improve the city image, but also enrich people's cultural life.

However, due to the influence of global macro economic factors, Sino US trade war, low peak season and other factors, the LED display industry has entered a white hot stage. The major LED display manufacturers are also affected by factors such as rising labor costs and land use costs, resulting in increasingly difficult enterprise development. Fortunately, the overall scale of China's commercial display market increased slightly in the first half of 2019 due to the impact of the overall macroeconomic and investment environment. It can be said that the market demand of LED screen industry has risen steadily. How about the LED transparent screen market in Dubai?


The market demand for LED screens has risen steadily

According to relevant data, the commercial display market in Chinese Mainland reached 31.68 billion yuan in H1 2019, up 3.7% year on year. The market size of China's large screen splicing market, including DLP, LCD and small pitch LED displays, reached 7.41 billion yuan, up 23.7% year on year. It can be said that DLP, LCD and small pitch LED displays have gradually formed a tripartite confrontation. However, because small pitch itself has the characteristics of seamless splicing, high contrast, wide viewing angle, high brightness, high-definition and delicate picture quality, it has a great advantage in security, monitoring and high-end commercial display fields.

LED screens occupy 57% of the market share in the Chinese market, while China's large screen splicing market occupies 61% of the global market share. With the increasing competitive pressure in the domestic large screen splicing market, LCD, DLP and small pitch LED display in the domestic splicing market are in a tripartite confrontation situation. However, these three splicing screens have their own advantages. For example, LCD mainly seizes the civil market, small size display market and low price market, while DLP faces cost and external pressure. However, the development of small pitch LED displays is on the rise, not only occupying the high-end commercial display field, but also constantly occupying the low-end market. At present, the small pitch LED continues to squeeze the market space of LCD and DLP, and the small pitch LED is a relatively stable and comprehensive development trend, and the popularization speed is getting faster and faster.

At present, the small pitch LED display screen with a point spacing of 1.2mm-1.5mm has become the mainstream product in the market. With the micro pitch P0. X developed by LED display screen manufacturers, mass production can be achieved. The prices of P1.8 and P2 are close to those of LED indoor display screens. These prices are within the acceptable range of third and fourth tier cities and become the main economic source of LED display screen manufacturers. In addition, the four in one Mini LED and COB small pitch LED display developed by LED display manufacturers have also achieved mass production, and have been widely used in the market. At the same time, the supply has been increased step by step, the product quality has been further improved, and the market awareness has also been greatly improved. In addition, COB and Mini LED will seize the DLP and LCD market resources in the next step, becoming the main sharp tools in the large screen splicing market. Further stimulating internal and external competition in the industry is conducive to maintaining the healthy and orderly development of the entire industry.

Of course, the high-end display market should not only look at the product performance of small and medium pitch LED displays, but also look at the brand strength, technology, service level and other comprehensive service capabilities of LED display manufacturers. With the rapid development of big data information, large screen splicing products not only display information, but also efficiently collect, sort out and analyze overseas data information, and then present the analysis structure on the big screen to help staff improve management decisions. Therefore, in addition to integrating more intelligent design in technology, the future small pitch LED display screen also needs to continuously improve the screen resolution and reduce the dot spacing.


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As far as the traditional LED screen is concerned, the transition is from monochrome and bicolor to full-color, and then from LED outdoor display to LED indoor display. The point spacing is also gradually developing from 30mm to small spacing. The smaller the space is, the higher the image quality is, and the closer the viewing distance is, so the higher the market demand is. However, with the continuous upgrading of user needs, people are no longer limited to the product needs of traditional large space to small space, but pay more attention to the comprehensive service capabilities of products. Do you know the difference between stage rental screen and traditional LED screen?

Led large screen is an application field in essence, not a technical field. Therefore, LED display manufacturers should step out of the display to see the display, and constantly improve the comprehensive service level. They can expand the product layout according to customer resource advantages, so as to better improve the product indicators and services. For example, for many security enterprises, they not only focus on product solutions, but also consider the comprehensive display service level of LCD, DLP and small spacing. Based on these data comparisons, they can choose which type of products to buy.

For any industry, the market rule is survival of the fittest, and the market demand for led screens will continue to rise in the future. In order to alleviate the situation that the market demand of the entire LED display industry is close to saturation and the peak season is not prosperous, more and more LED display enterprises have joined the market competition in a small space. In the long run, enterprises that can persist in innovation, technological innovation and continuous improvement of products can seize more resources in the large screen splicing market.

The market demand for LED screens has risen steadily. LED display industry is ushering in new consumption opportunities. As the demand for LED display gradually warmed up in the late epidemic period, benefiting from the technical upgrading of 5G, 4K/8K ultra-high definition displays, the market for small pitch/micro pitch LED displays grew rapidly, bringing new opportunities for the development of the LED industry. In order to obtain better viewing effect, LED display screen in the future will have higher and higher requirements on the fidelity of the screen definition. In order to restore the authenticity of color and display clear images on smaller displays, high-density and small pitch LED displays will become one of the development trends in the future.