What is better than traditional led small pitch display in dubai?

Dubai LED small pitch display is a general term for LED display with the distance between lights less than P2.5. The smaller the spacing, the better the display, and the higher the accompanying configuration. This type of room LED display screen is more advanced and reliable because of the pixel point control technology, which can better improve the brightness, reproducibility and uniformity of the display screen. Therefore, it can be said that the small pitch LED display has higher use value, and compared with the traditional DLP rear projection display, the high-quality and durable small pitch LED display has obvious advantages. Do Dubai's LED small pitch displays have other advantages? Sostron will summarize the advantages of small pitch LED display screen over traditional display screen as follows.


Higher integrity of display pixels

At present, the indoor medium and high-end display market is still dominated by DLP rear projection display. However, due to some natural defects of DLP technology, the 1mm seam between display units cannot be eliminated. Therefore, each display unit will devour at least one display pixel during splicing, making the display pixels incomplete. However, the small pitch led display produced by high-quality small pitch led display manufacturers can perfectly remedy this defect and ensure that each display unit has a complete display pixel.

Better picture color expression

Due to the differences between the display units of the traditional display screen, it is difficult to control the display color and brightness uniformity of the entire display screen, and this kind of unit difference will become more and more obvious as the use time increases. However, the professional small pitch led display screen uses pixel level point control technology, so it has a high degree of unity in the color display of the display unit, so it can make the screen color expression more superior.


Dubai LED small pitch display

In general

The characteristics of Dubai LED small spacing are: good display, good color, and high intensity work. Of course, such functions as asynchronous control, multi screen display, and multi rotation effect can be matched at the time of configuration.

Traditional LED display. The box is relatively heavy, including box frame, module, heat dissipation and other equipment. It is heavy, traditional in appearance, and difficult to maintain.

These two aspects can fully illustrate that Dubai LED small pitch display is much better than traditional display. Because the higher the integrity of the image pixels played by the display screen, the richer the expressiveness of the screen will be, and the better the color of the screen, the higher the appreciation effect will be. Therefore, the professional and reliable small pitch LED display screen has a broader development prospect than the traditional display screen.