Four reasons why LED window screens are recommended

With the strong growth of demand in the advertising market and the continuous penetration of vehicle advertising, LED window screens usher in a period of rapid growth. According to relevant analysis, the audience of on-board LED display is relatively concentrated. Taking bus on-board LED display as an example, it can provide passengers with important travel information and route information, and the advertising effect is prominent.

As a new type of advertising media, the LED window screen has all the functions of the general display screen. It is essentially an LED display screen installed on the vehicle, but it has high mobility. Compared with the traditional LED display screen, the novel display mode can attract the audience's attention more, and the high mobility of the vehicle can let more audience see and display relevant information more comprehensively. More advantages of LED window screen can not be ignored!



Four reasons why LED window screens are recommended

Mobile media, with stronger communication and wider coverage

Compared with other LED displays, the LED window screen is always in motion. Advertising information can be broadcasted on the road at any time along with the vehicle, which has stronger communication ability and larger coverage than fixed advertising platforms.

High brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback

Ultra high brightness LED is used, which can still be clearly seen under the sun for a long distance. From south to north, from east to west, cold, hot, dry and wet environments are suitable.

Easy to operate and use

It is very convenient to change information and play videos, whether using a computer or a mobile phone.

Modular design, reliable performance and convenient maintenance

Display, control and power supply are designed separately, forming a module, which is more stable and convenient for maintenance.


LED window screens

Which screen is best for cars?

The preferred installation of LED window screen - Ares, which has 10000 brightness, can still be seen clearly in the sun. No air conditioning is required, and the operating cost is saved by 50%. Aluminum panel, lighter weight. There are three kinds of them, silver, white and black are more matched with the car body.

Preparation before installing LED window screen

Technical training

In the process of screen production, customers can send people to the LED manufacturer to learn LED display operation and simple spare parts replacement technology.

Steel frame design

The signing of the contract will take about a week. The engineer will design the steel frame structure according to the site situation and the actual situation of the LED window screen and hand it over to the construction party. The construction party can purchase relevant materials according to the drawings after obtaining the steel frame structure drawings (CAD drawings) and plan the steel structure fabrication.


LED window screens

Preliminary exploration

The screen body shall be designed according to the site construction situation. The reasonable combination of the installation site and the screen body is the first step of the LED window screen installation process.

Calculation of panel power and distribution facilities

In the early stage of installation, the power consumption of the screen and the size of the distribution cabinet must be planned in the early stage. The manufacturer of LED window screen will calculate the actual power consumption according to the actual situation of the screen and provide cooperation to the construction party.