What is Autostereoscopic 3D LED Display?

2021-02-01 02:50:57

Autostereoscopic 3D LED Display is being popular, such as led displays of SM Town, Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Pedestrian Street, and Chengdu Taikoo Li.


LED Screen in SM Town, South Korea


Most of the autostereoscopic 3D on the market currently use LCD as the carrier, but it is difficult to make LCD large in size. In recent years, large-screen display systems have developed rapidly. Among them, the most ideal visual effect is created by most widely used LED display system.

Autostereoscopic 3D led display is a technology that doesn't need extra 3D glasses or any other tools to make vivid led 3d performance, people can enjoy the immersive experience of spatial dimension with less visual fatigue.

Video processing: After the information flow analog signal of the 3D film video source output from the host computer, a digital DVI signal is generated. The digital signal passes through the video decoding system to output signals for left and right eye. The signals are processed by the video display module and then loaded onto the LED screen. Through the principle of binocular parallax, the viewer can see the 3D effect.

The best location + 3D video source + accordingly LED Display = Immersive visual experience. It has a broad prospect about specific immersive applications, such as VR, AR, and large-scale events.

It based on two important parts: one is the development and research of hardware devices, another is the content source.


LED Display at Chongqing Guanyin Bridge


Like this led display of the SM town, whole led screen size is W/80M * H/20M.


LED Panel

Waves Video on the LED Screen in SM Town, South Korea

It looked like spliced by pieces but actually, it is a whole screen, the gap effect is made by D'strict team.

Surging ocean wave video source+ high resolution LED display + 3D sound source, make the audience feel like they will be swallowed by huge waves.

Except for this led display, D'strict also made a 3D dynamic video wall for Nexon company.

It is a led video wall on the lobby entrance of Nexon, screen size W/30m * H/7m. It becomes another world after transformed by D’strict.

LED Display

The Infinity Wall (30m (W) * 7m (H) LED Screen) at Nexen UniverCity in Nexen's New R&D Center Lobby

Giant dancers dance along the glass frame, it seems like the dancers are trapped in the glass stage, full of artistic atmosphere, making people feel the dancers dance beside you.

In order to create these vivid effects, not only the hardware like Led display and control system must have excellent performance,  but also need the accordingly 3D video production including angle, details and a series of algorithms rigorously.