SUNNOW flagship store opening with SOSTRON commercial display

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sostron led display for store as shenzhen manufacture

SUNNOW is the biggest and most luxury PID company in Shenzhen,30 years designing and store running experience help them to expand 100 plus stores,and become NO.1 in Shenzhen city.

(Click play button on the left down below,to watch whole intallation process)

The flag ship in One Avenue located in Futian,it's including 4 shopping mall,1 street and 2 other building for office,and the flagship store is in one of the shopping mail.

There are 3  display installed for SUNNOWbeen installed,the round one as main led screen just right beside the lift

  indoor led display in stalled in shop,in mall


The second one as standee on the right side,and the third one as ceiling above the washing area

ceiling display from sostron  standee led display in teh store

Thanks for SUNNOW's trust and support,also thanks for our R&D,production team and project team's teamwork,we spend only 10 days to manufactuer those screens from the day we shake hand.To catch up the openning day,we install and test all 3 screen all the night,to ligh it up before client come to the store.

We are so happy to see our client's smile on the face.

Make it happen,SOSTRON did it again.  

LED display solution