Find your teacher in work

Monday, May 16, 2022 at 6:01:08 AM GMT+00:00

From a kid to an adult, we have many teachers through our whole life. Teacher is the second parent for us. Our parent teach us how to be a good man, and our teacher teach us how to be a useful man for society.

Find your teacher in SOSTRON led display factory

In SoStron’s culture, we have an important and indispensable step for a new colleague after they join the big family of SoStron about 1 month. We called it Teacher-choosing conference.

This is how we inprove ourself in led display industry and in sostron

This conference uses two-way selection that new colleague can choose one of the regional directors to be his/her teacher, and our regional directors also can choose them. In Chinese traditional mind, this gives us more meaning among people.


We are not a strict company that just have a simple relationship of superior and employee, but we want support and take care of more about every members in our big family, helping they grow up more quickly.

By Allen