What are the advantages of LED display?

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 at 6:16:49 AM GMT+00:00

LED display is a kind of large screen display product which is widely used at present. When you walk on the street, you will see that the LED display plays a beautiful picture, and its beautiful effect is also known. So, do you fully understand the advantages of LED display?


LED display

Advantages of LED display

1. Security: the LED display is different in that it uses low-voltage DC power supply voltage, which is very safe in use.

2. Hardness: the LED display adopts FPC as the base plate, and the hardness of the screen body is appropriate.

3. High service life: the service life of LED display screen is much longer than that of other outdoor advertisements under the same working environment and duration

4. Energy saving: compared with the traditional LED display, the energy saving of LED display is very good, with low power and more significant effect. For all large LED display manufacturers, this is also the first element to have.

5. Easy installation: due to its own material and structure, the LED display has the characteristics of lightness and convenience, which provides very convenient conditions for installation.

6. Lifelike color: LED display screen adopts high brightness patch, with lifelike and soft color, which will not harm human eyes and high brightness.

7. Green and environmental protection: the material is environmentally friendly, which can be recycled, processed and reused, and will not pollute the environment.

8. Low calorific value: the biggest safety hazard of LED display screen is that when it works continuously for a long time, the high heat generated will reduce the service life of the equipment, and even cause serious fire. The LED display has made great efforts in heat dissipation. The efficient heat dissipation treatment and the low power consumption of its own electronic components will not be too high, which naturally eliminates the occurrence of this hidden danger.

9. Wide application: LED display screen is often used in various fields and industries because of its light weight, excellent quality and effect, and moderate price. If it is more refined in the future, its coverage will be wider!


LED display

At the same time, LED display also has some disadvantages

1. Average definition

The definition of LED display screen is determined by the resolution, which is determined by the density of lamp beads. The smaller the lamp beads in the same area, the more the lamp beads, the higher the resolution. Naturally, the clearer the image is displayed. Therefore, some LED displays with large spacing are not as clear as those with small spacing. However, even the LED displays with the smallest spacing still cannot reach the height of the LCD screen, especially when viewed from a close distance, there will be mosaic phenomenon, so it is not suitable for viewing too close. If you want to achieve better clarity, you can only choose products with small spacing.

2. Low contrast

Relatively speaking, the color contrast of LED display screen is general, so when displaying colorful images, the effect it shows is not very bright, especially when reducing its brightness, the whole screen will be gray, not as colorful as LCD.

3. Easy to die, high after-sales rate

The light beads of LED display screen often fall off during transportation, installation and use, resulting in the fact that individual pixel points do not light up, which will affect the overall image display effect. If you want to repair them, you can only have professional technicians come to the door for welding or replacement, which will increase the after-sales and later costs.

Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of LED display screen are quite obvious. We should also know this when choosing. How to give full play to its advantages and weaken its disadvantages as much as possible is what we want.