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Goral - indoor HD LED display

indoor HD LED display - Goral

Goral indoor LED display

is a high-end display solution designed specifically for modern commercial and public spaces.
This display stands out with its lightweight design concept and innovative use of materials, making it one of the highly regarded products in the market.

indoor HD LED display - Goral
Pixel pitch (mm)1.862.5
Density (dots/sqm)288906160000
Module resolution (dots)147928192
Module width (mm)320320
Module height (mm)160160
Cabinet width (mm)640640
Cabinet height (mm)640640
Cabinet depth3232
Resolution (dots)11833665536
Weight (kg)7.87.8
Max brightness (cd/sqm)800800
Color temperature (k)8000-120008000-12000
Contrast ratio10000:110000:1
Max power (w)220220
Average power (w)130130
Voltage typeACAC
Voltage (v)100-240V110-240V
Driving method1/431/32
Screen FPS (hz)6060

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What is GOB LED display technology?

GOB (Glass on Board) technology is an advanced LED display encapsulation technique that uses glass as the encapsulation material, replacing traditional plastics or silicone. This technology can provide better heat dissipation performance, higher reliability, and a longer lifespan, especially suitable for outdoor LED displays.

What advantages do GOB LED displays have over traditional LED displays?

The advantages of GOB LED displays include better protection performance, higher contrast and color saturation, stronger weather resistance, and a longer lifespan. Because glass is used as the encapsulation material, GOB displays are more stable in outdoor environments and can resist extreme temperatures, humidity, and ultraviolet radiation.

What application scenarios are GOB LED displays suitable for?

GOB LED displays are suitable for outdoor application scenarios that require high reliability and high protection levels, such as billboards, sports stadiums, traffic signs, and outdoor stage backdrops. Due to their excellent display effects and durability, GOB displays are very suitable for occasions with long-term and frequent use.

What is the maintenance cost of GOB LED displays?

Due to the high reliability and long lifespan of GOB LED displays, their maintenance costs are relatively low. However, the specific maintenance costs are also affected by usage frequency, environmental conditions, and maintenance service providers.

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