What is a small pitch LED display?

What is a small pitch LED display?

Small pitch LED display refers to indoor LED display with LED dot pitch of P2.5 or less, mainly including P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.8, P1.667, P1.5, P1.25, P1.0 and other LED display products.


small pitch LED display

What are the characteristics of small pitch LED displays?

Small spacing LED screen spacing is small, and the resolution per unit area is high. It can also display higher pixel digital image videos, and display more short videos and image interfaces, especially when applied to the image processing level. Naturally, LED with small spacing has no auxiliary function of splicing processor, and the display can achieve ideal display effect.

What are the advantages of small pitch LED displays?

seamless splicing
Energy conservation and environmental protection
Higher gray scale
Wider application fields