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Top 10 LED display companies in Italy

Table of contents

2. Temporapix
3. Mobile Srl
5. StarLed Italia
7. TECH Srl
8. Led Display Solution S.R.L
9. YesWeDigital srl
10. Techno Fusion Italia

In an era of rapid technological development, LED displays have become an indispensable tool for all walks of life, providing unlimited possibilities for information transmission and visual experience. In Italy, the LED display industry is also showing a booming development trend. Major companies are promoting the continuous progress of this field through unremitting innovation and excellent services.

Italian LED display

As the demand for high-quality visual effects continues to grow, Italy‘s top ten LED display companies have emerged in the market and have attracted widespread attention for their unique corporate characteristics and excellent product performance. This article will lead readers to explore the corporate information, product types and service support of these outstanding companies, and gain an in-depth understanding of the Italian LED display industry.



Company information: Lumio Italia is a full-cycle company that provides highly specialized services at every stage of the supply of LED giant screens and LED walls, guaranteeing excellent Italian quality. Lumio invests in creating increasingly innovative LED panels with a particular focus on ease of use and reduced consumption, while fully respecting the environment and looking towards a sustainable future.

Product Types: LED Walls, Large Screens and LED Displays, Electronic Billboards, Advertising Screens and Monitors. (What is the difference between indoor and outdoor LED walls?)

Service support: Italian quality is always our added value for customer satisfaction. Lumio Italia is equipped with an internal process quality management system that complies with internationally recognized standards. The extensive Lumio range allows the creation of LED walls and giant screens of any size and resolution for transmitting information, advertising and scene content.


2. Temporapix

Company Information: The TemporaPix team has been working in the field of LED walls for over 20 years, creating thousands of projects around the world and specializing in solving all electronic, electrical, mechanical, legal and commercial aspects of this product.

Product type: indoor LED wall, store window LED wall, outdoor LED wall. (Here are ten answers to questions about transparent LED window displays.)

Service Support: TemporaPix rentals turnkey LED walls, whether indoors or outdoors, feature high definition, maximum uniformity and reliability, and are guaranteed by the MacroPix brand.

Mobile Srl

3. Mobile Srl

Corporate Information: For over 25 years, Mobiled has been working with some of the best brands and companies to help them realize their vision. We offer extraordinary and creative LED technology, offering complete solutions from planning to installation. The Mobiled team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about providing unparalleled technical knowledge and service to all of our customers.

Product type: Large LED wall screen rental and installation, dedicated to conferences and exhibitions, entertainment, advertising, architecture and design, sports events, shop windows, indoor and outdoor decoration. (Stadium LED display: enhance event experience and passion.)

Service support: Mobiled Srl has a lot of experience and we are here to stay, we have customers who have always trusted us. We are perfectionists and passionate people and we are constantly refining our technology to deliver it to our customers.



Company information: Evotech Italia srl is a 100% Italian company, our goal is to provide the most advanced total solutions to all our customers, whether in the commercial, advertising or industrial sectors.

Product types: LED large screen, COB LED display, LED totem, LED video sign, LED store window display, LED wall display, LED cross, industrial display, etc. (Providing you with commercial LED screen technology, advantages and selection guide.)

Service support: EVOTECH has a professional team that is best able to develop rational and modular solutions that suit the needs and always respond to requests in a timely manner. Ability to carry out regular on-site maintenance, assistance and repairs throughout Italy.

StarLed Italia

5. StarLed Italia

Company information: Starled Italia officially entered the market in January 2016 and was founded by experts in the fields of communication technology, marketing and digital signage.

Product type: LED screen, Rental LED floor screen, video signage, LED billboard, drug store LED cross, video display cabinet design. (How do LED billboards work?)

Service Support: StarLed Italia uses the latest generation technology to always provide the best performance on LED screens. Our entire LED display range is manufactured with high quality, ensuring performance and durability. LED displays can be customized according to requirements and quickly designed for product development.



Corporate Information: For businesses that want to promote their products and services and increase their visibility through LED screens, the real added value GetLed can ensure is the design and production of advertising displays according to any specific requirements. Being able to rely on strong partnerships and high-quality raw materials makes any project an exciting challenge for us.

Product type: LED wall, giant advertising screen, digital signage.

Service support: Although GetLed’s design, production, assembly and configuration activities for outdoor and indoor advertising displays allow us to establish partnerships with different types of commercial entities (advertising agencies, interior designers and architects), we also have a large of our client list, thanks to competence, transparency and professionalism that always make us stand out.


7. TECH Srl

Company information: Tech LED displays are highly customizable products due to their modularity: they adapt to every installation situation and every customer requirement. The customization possibilities are endless: from carpentry to electronics to software. The technology products are designed with a completely “modular” structure and are all manufactured in-house: from custom carpentry to linkable LED matrices to software that can be modified according to requirements.

Product type: LED display, customized LED display. (What should you consider when customizing LED digital screens?)

Service support: TECH Srl offers a range of communication products suitable for all needs and types of customers, such as the visualization of production data obtained from assembly line PLCs or data related to the operation of photovoltaic systems. Everything involved in LED matrix visualization can be designed, created and measured, from carpentry to customer-tailored software.

Led Display Solution S.R.L

8. Led Display Solution S.R.L

Corporate Information: Led Display Solution S.R.L can provide you with the best solutions to increase your visibility. With the LED wall, I can finally say goodbye to the old static billboards. Our indoor and outdoor LED wall solutions help you increase visibility in selling your products, advertising to passers-by, attracting attention and communicating personalized and always updated content.

Product type: Rental indoor and outdoor LED walls and advertising totems. (6 major differences between indoor and outdoor LED rental.)

Service support: Discover the new range of advertising totems for your shop windows: flexibility and ease of use for maximum gains in visibility and customer appeal.



Corporate information: YesWeDigital is a company specializing in visual communication services. Direct Importer of LED Screens for Multimedia Shop Windows, Digital Signage and Indoor LED Displays. It is a leader in Italy and has been offering a wide range of services aimed at visual communication for many years.

Product type: Multimedia store windows, digital signage and indoor LED displays. (How much does an indoor LED display cost?)

Service support: YesWeDigital works with customers to propose and create ideas, and then find the best solutions to meet their innovative needs in the communications field, guaranteeing professionalism and competence.

Techno Fusion Italia

10. Techno Fusion Italia

Company information: Techno Fusion Italia is a company specializing in the supply and installation of illuminated signs. The extensive experience accumulated in the field of electronic advertising equipment and the use of cutting-edge technologies ensure that the end customer receives quality products, fast delivery and favorable prices. . Products sold by Techno Fusion Italia are only designed and manufactured in European factories with ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management systems.

Product Type: Transparent led screen, Programmable Signs, LED Display with Scroll Text for Shops and Companies, ODT LED Wall Clock.

Service Support: Techno Fusion Italia is synonymous with competence and reliability. It offers LED signage produced exclusively in Europe using the industry’s most advanced technology and ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management systems.

In the future, with the continuous evolution of science and technology and the continuous innovation of LED display technology, the Italian LED display industry will continue to usher in huge opportunities. These top ten companies will undoubtedly play an important role in this wave of technological change, continue to push the forefront of LED display technology, and provide users with a more excellent visual experience.

LED display

By in-depth understanding of the corporate information, product types and service support of these companies, we can better understand the current situation and future development direction of the Italian LED display industry. It is expected that these companies will show a more brilliant side on the global stage, contribute more to the development of LED display technology, and create more amazing visual feasts for users.

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