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Top 10 Turkish LED Display Companies

As a bridge between Europe and Asia, the LED display market in Turkey has maintained an active presence in technology and innovation. With the continuous growth of digital demands, LED displays play an increasingly crucial role in Turkey’s commercial, entertainment, and cultural sectors. This article will delve into the top 10 companies in the Turkish LED display sector, analyzing their corporate information, product types, and customer services.

Turkish LED Display Companies

Table of Contents:

1. GM electronic
4. Matrisled Elektronik
5. ElectraLED
6. VBB Production
7. iDisplay
8. Fenova Teknoloji
10. LEDpano

GM electronic

1. GM electronic

Corporate Information: GM electronics is a distributor of electronic components, chemical agents, and measurement technology established in 1990. They have modern warehouse facilities in Dobrovice, meeting current standards for storing electronic components.

Product Types: Lighting, displays, photosensors.

Customer Service: With over 30 years in the market and offering over 33,000 products, GM electronic ensures meeting every customer’s LED screen needs.



Corporate Information: Since 1992, ASTEL ELEKTRONİK ÜRÜNLER A.Ş has been the sole distributor of leading global brands in the professional display systems sector in Turkey.

Product Types: LED and industrial displays, projectors, and auxiliary interface products. (Is an LED screen better than a projector?)

Customer Service: ASTEL ELEKTRONİK ÜRÜNLER A.Ş has a Network Operations Center (NOC) for the professional video industry. They remotely control and inspect digital cinema equipment across Turkey 24/7, providing preemptive diagnostics and solutions.



Corporate Information: With over 15 years of operation, APRON TEKNOLOJI AS is a contractor for many global brands establishing chain stores in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Product Types: LED screens, metal structure and modified frame design, hardware, software, substructures.

Customer Service: Focused on turnkey solutions, APRON TEKNOLOJI AS collaborates with professional teams to find the optimal balance between cost and performance.

Matrisled Elektronik

4. Matrisled Elektronik

Corporate Information: Matrisled Elektronik is a research and innovation company dedicated to pioneering the LED display industry.

Product Types: LED screens, mobile LED display screen vehicles. (How much does an LED advertising car cost?)

Customer Service: With 24 years of technological development and innovation in Turkish LED and LED screen technology, Matrisled Elektronik provides solutions for successful implementation in the LED screen industry.


5. ElectraLED

Corporate Information: ElectraLED offers a wide and continuously developing range of products, focusing on solutions for commercial LED lighting needs. Their lighting products are certified for use in various environments.

Product Types: Producing high-quality, energy-efficient commercial LED lighting products. (Do you want to know the price range of commercial LED displays?)

Customer Service: ElectraLED is committed to providing economically designed and rigorously tested LED lighting products, along with excellent service and support, for global customers.

VBB Production

6. VBB Production

Corporate Information: VBB Production, with its young and dynamic team, supports an innovative vision and an idealistic mission. They aim to lead Turkey into global industry standards, becoming a leading company in renting and selling image, lighting, sound, and stage systems.

Product Types: LED, lighting, sound, and stage system rentals. (Providing you with application guide for stage LED display.)

Customer Service: VBB Production, with high-tech equipment and an experienced installation team, realizes projects for various organizations across Turkey. They offer 360-degree service as your creative solution partner.


7. iDisplay

Corporate Information: Founded in 2012, iDisplay is a system integrator providing specialized solutions for professional audio and digital imaging systems required by institutions. They have their own brands, PlatPlay and iSpot.

Product Types: LED display solutions, interactive screens, video walls, professional audio-video systems, digital signage.

Customer Service: iDisplay’s experienced team provides professional solutions and services in both pre-sales and post-sales processes. They offer standardized solutions and services to global and local businesses operating in Turkey.

Fenova Teknoloji

8. Fenova Teknoloji

Corporate Information: Since 2008, Turkish display system pioneer Fenova Technology has been dedicated to LED display technology in Turkey. With experience in the professional display systems field, they understand the needs of the entertainment, advertising, communication, and retail markets.

Product Types: Indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, LED poster screens, transparent LED screens, rental LED screens.

Customer Service: From project planning to after-sales support, Fenova Technology provides active support, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable LED screen experience for customers and building lasting relationships.



Corporate Information: LED & GARANTİ was established in Istanbul with the aim of maintaining its leading position in the field through professional applications without compromising quality, especially in Istanbul and throughout Turkey.

Product Types: Stadium LED displays, store billboards, indoor LED screen rentals, outdoor totem LED screens, side screen windbreaks, LED display modules.

Customer Service: LED & GARANTİ’s mission is to always provide the best service in the fastest way, meeting customer expectations with goodwill and professionalism. They guarantee trust and prioritize customer satisfaction over their own interests.


10. LEDpano

Corporate Information: In 2004, LEDpano entered the LED screen industry, becoming a pioneer in the sector. Working independently for about two years, they played a role in creating the market.

Product Types: Mobile LED screens, flexible LED screens, glass LED screens, indoor/outdoor screens.

Customer Service: Utilizing the latest LED screen technology, LEDpano is dedicated to promoting “green energy” screens. As the only company awarded “Turkey’s Best LED Company LEDPANO” by international advertising agencies in 2015, LEDpano works collectively with all employees for success.

Turkey’s LED display

As the Turkish LED display market thrives, these top 10 companies not only lead the industry but also represent technological innovation and customer satisfaction. Through relentless effort, excellent technical proficiency, and outstanding customer service, they provide high-quality LED display solutions for customers in Turkey and beyond. In the future, as technology evolves and market demands expand, these companies will continue to lead the Turkish LED display sector towards a brighter future.

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