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Top 10 LED Display Screen Factories in Germany

Germany has consistently been renowned in the global LED display screen market for its high quality, innovation, and reliability. As a crucial player in the European industry, German LED display screen manufacturers hold a significant position with their advanced technology and exceptional engineering capabilities. This article introduces the leaders in the German LED display screen industry, unveiling the fascinating stories of the top 10 LED display screen factories in Germany.

German LED display factory

Table of Contents:

1. Innlights Displays GmbH
2. BeMatrix Deutschland GmbH
3. LedTec GmbH
4. Leyard Europe
5. Sys Professional GmbH
6. MicroSYST Systemelectronic GmbH
7. NEC Display Solutions
8. Samsung Electronics GmbH
9. Vivitek Corporation
10. Sony Europe B.V.

Innlights Displays GmbH

1. Innlights Displays GmbH

Company Information: Innlights Displaysolutions focuses on LED display screens and complex LED system solutions, offering a wide range of products and rich experience in implementing domestic and international installation and rental projects.

Product Types: Indoor LED display screens, outdoor LED display screens, digital billboards, etc.

Advantages: Innlights Displays GmbH provides comprehensive services from planning and technical selection to production and installation, offering 24/7 support. They design and develop custom solutions for LED display screens of various sizes and designs.

BeMatrix Deutschland GmbH

2. BeMatrix Deutschland GmbH

Company Information: BeMatrix Deutschland aims to be the best system for easy and sustainable exhibition and event construction. With continuous innovation and a product range with infinite possibilities, beMatrix has become a true game-changer in the exhibition and event construction industry. Apart from two production factories, beMatrix has multiple rental, sales, and technical support centers globally.

Product Types: LED modules, exhibition display systems, etc.

Advantages: Specializing in customizable LED display solutions, BeMatrix provides support to the exhibition industry.

LedTec GmbH

3. LedTec GmbH

Company Information: LedTec, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, focuses on innovative LED technology for indoor and outdoor applications. LedTec is a specialist in personalized LED lighting solutions and has been passionate about lighting and fixtures for over a decade, offering high-quality LED modules and complete LED solutions.

Product Types: rental LED floor screen, outdoor LED display screens, LED lighting, etc.

Advantages: LedTec GmbH has been recognized as a partner in the lighting industry, store design, and many other lighting fields for over a decade.

Leyard Europe

4. Leyard Europe

Company Information: Leyard Europe is not just a distributor. With production facilities in Presov, Slovakia, and Rötling, Germany, Leyard Europe can provide “European-made” products for its regional customers. In addition to Leyard’s LED products, Leyard Europe’s product portfolio includes LCD screens, DLP rear-projection cubes, controllers, and wall management software from subsidiaries Planar and eyevis.

Product Types: LED video walls, digital billboards, indoor and outdoor LED display screens, etc.

Advantages: Leyard’s professional visualization solutions are distributed through an extensive sales office network in Europe, ensuring quick deployment of technical personnel for installation, customer service, or repairs.

TDC Polska

5. TDC Polska

Company Information: TDC Polska is a creative provider of multimedia solutions with expertise and years of experience in LED technology, media, and event technology. They rely on their own technology and listen to customer desires and suggestions, ensuring high-quality solutions.

Product Types: Transparent led screen, LED towers, digital signage systems, AV solutions, etc.

Advantages: TDC Polska’s team includes designers, programmers, service technicians, and high-quality computer graphics personnel, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely project execution.

MicroSYST Systemelectronic GmbH

6. MicroSYST Systemelectronic GmbH

Company Information: MicroSYST Systemelectronic GmbH provides industrial automation solutions across various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and transportation. They focus on display technology, offering various display devices and solutions to enhance production efficiency, optimize workflows, and provide innovative automation solutions.

Product Types: Information display systems, 3 sides led display, LED display screens, etc. (Here is a price comparison of German high-definition LED advertising screens.)

Advantages: MicroSYST Systemelectronic GmbH maintains high standards in technological innovation and quality assurance. Their carefully designed products and solutions meet customer demands for high performance and reliability.

NEC Display Solutions

7. NEC Display Solutions

Company Information: NEC Display Solutions is a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, headquartered in Munich, Germany, focusing on display technology. They offer a comprehensive and solution-oriented product portfolio that brings together industry experts to provide comprehensive display solutions for various vertical markets.

Product Types: holographic screen, LCD screens, projectors, etc.

Advantages: With a wide product range, including LED and LCD displays, NEC Display Solutions is a prominent player in the display technology market.

Samsung Electronics GmbH

8. Samsung Electronics GmbH

Company Information: Samsung Electronics GmbH is the German branch of the South Korean Samsung Group, providing a variety of electronic products. Samsung is committed to complying with local laws and regulations, implementing strict global codes of conduct for all employees. Ethical business practices are considered crucial for building trust with stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities. To become one of the world’s most ethical companies, Samsung continually trains its employees and operates monitoring systems while practicing fair and transparent corporate governance.

Product Types: LED display walls, LCD screens, televisions, etc.

Advantages: As a globally renowned brand, Samsung offers diverse display technologies. (Do you want to know about holographic display technology?)

Vivitek Corporation

9. Vivitek Corporation

Company Information: Vivitek Corporation is a subsidiary of Delta Electronics in Germany, focusing on visual and display technology. They are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and building positive relationships with every company and individual they do business with.

Product Types: Projectors, LED display walls, interactive flat panel displays, etc. (Here is a new guide to church LED walls.)

Advantages: Offering various visual and display solutions, Vivitek Corporation holds international market share.

Sony Europe B.V.

10. Sony Europe B.V.

Company Information: Deset LED GmbH has been providing award-winning LED technology since 2003, primarily for outdoor venues. The brand has been one of the most significant participants in the industry for many years, offering comprehensive solutions in the field. On-site advice, approval, installation, and support all come from the same source.

Product Types: Stadium advertising, car wash billboards, holiday lighting, digital display boards for flagship stores and department stores, etc. (Providing you with a guide to stadium LED screens.)

Advantages: Quality, professional competence, and personal commitment form the foundation for Deset LED GmbH. They accompany clients with enthusiasm for innovation and personalized concepts, emphasizing the importance of communication willingness and transparency for success. A well-trained expert team brings rich experience to the table.

LED display screen industry in Germany

This is just a glimpse of the splendid journey of the LED display screen industry in Germany. These ten companies have set industry standards with their outstanding technology, innovative products, and excellent customer service. With continuous technological advancements and an expanding market, we can expect these companies to continue leading the innovation in LED display screen technology and providing even more exceptional visual experiences for global customers. The brilliance of the German LED display screen industry will undoubtedly continue to shine on the global stage.

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