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Top 10 LED Display Screen Manufacturers in Canada

As a technological pioneer in North America, Canada has witnessed a thriving development in the field of LED display screens. This article unveils the illustrious journey of the top 10 LED display screen manufacturers in Canada, showcasing their industry leadership through outstanding technological innovation, environmental consciousness, and a global perspective.

Canadian LED display manufacturer

Table of Contents:

1,Lighthouse Technologies Ltd.
3,Christie Digital Systems
4,Mirage Vision
6,Nova Display, Inc.
8,Inno-Leader LED technology
9,Daktronics Canada

Lighthouse Technologies Ltd.

1,Lighthouse Technologies Ltd.

Company Information: Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Lighthouse Technologies Ltd. focuses on high-brightness and high-contrast LED display technology. A global leader in LED video display technology, Lighthouse Technologies Limited develops, manufactures, and sells LED video display solutions for various indoor and outdoor applications, media and entertainment events, as well as sports venues.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED display screens, stadium display screens, digital billboards, etc.

Advantages: Lighthouse boasts numerous technological breakthroughs and is an award-winning leader in the LED video display industry, maintaining the highest quality standards. It provides high-quality display technology widely used in sports and entertainment.



Company Information: Leyard, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, is now part of the Leyard company, focusing on high-performance display and interactive technology. Planar Systems, a global leader in display and digital signage technology, offers top-notch solutions for the world’s most demanding environments.

Product Types: Rental LED floor screen, LCD displays, interactive touch screens, etc. (Here are the dimensions and aspect ratio of the 3×3 LED video wall.)

Advantages: Leyard is dedicated to research and innovative product development in areas such as smart displays, landscape lighting, cultural and tourism innovation, virtual reality, etc. Leyard has received honors such as National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, China’s Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises, National Cultural Technology Integration Demonstration Enterprise, and Beijing’s Top 10 Information Industry Enterprises.

Christie Digital Systems

3,Christie Digital Systems

Company Information: Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, Christie Digital Systems provides projection and LED display solutions. Christie has been bringing great technology into people’s lives, from manufacturing the first projector in the 1960s to revolutionizing the film industry with digital cinema projection.

Product Types: RGB pure laser projection, LCD panels, video walls, and 3 sides led display, etc. (Do you know the difference between LED wall and video wall?)

Advantages: Christie holds over 50 industry-firsts, over 100 patents, numerous industry awards, and several Academy Awards for Technical Achievement, setting high standards. It offers diverse display technologies, including projection and LED.

Mirage Vision

4,Mirage Vision

Company Information: Based in Florida, Canada, Mirage Vision specializes in outdoor LED TVs and display screen technology. Mirage Vision aims to develop the world’s first outdoor, weather-resistant flat-panel television, known as MirageVision Outdoor TVs.

Product Types: Outdoor LED display, custom display screens, etc.

Advantages: Mirage Vision, as a partner of Samsung, now offers the new Samsung outdoor “Terrace” TV. Focusing on outdoor display technology, Mirage Vision provides waterproof and dustproof solutions.



Company Information: Headquartered in Georgia, Canada, NanoLumens focuses on innovative LED display technology, including curved and flexible screens. NanoLumens is a privately-owned American company designing and manufacturing digital LED displays. Since its establishment in 2006, its products target the market gap between consumer flat-panel displays and indoor commercial outdoor LED billboards.

Product Types: Custom LED display screens, indoor and outdoor LED display screens, curved and flexible screens, etc. (Can the LED screen be curved?)

Advantages: NanoLumens sets high goals and standards in the LED field, utilizing the best technology to meet daily needs and achieve digital transformation. It excels in providing innovative curved and flexible LED display solutions.

Nova Display, Inc.

6,Nova Display, Inc.

Company Information: Based in Toronto, Canada, Nova Display, Inc. specializes in indoor and outdoor LED display screen technology. Nova Display, Inc. is involved in the design, production, and marketing of visual display and sales systems, sign products, lighting, signage, and many other architectural hardware solutions and related accessories.

Product Types: Indoor LED display screens, outdoor LED display screens, digital signage, etc.

Advantages: Nova Display, Inc. provides diversified LED display solutions, focusing on customizing customer needs. The company strives to turn project quotes around in 24 hours or less. Most of its products are in stock and can be delivered quickly within 5-10 days.



Company Information: LEDLE is a systems integrator for digital networks in outdoor and indoor applications. Since 2007, LEDLE has been recognized as a provider offering quality display solutions for the broadest outdoor advertising applications. The company focuses on indoor and outdoor screens with different pixel pitches ranging from 1.0mm to 16mm to meet customer requirements.

Product Types: Digital billboards, LED display screens for trucks, monochrome display screens, shopping mall screens, etc.

Advantages: LEDLE is recognized as a provider offering quality display solutions for the broadest outdoor advertising applications. The company focuses on indoor and outdoor screens with different pixel pitches to meet customer requirements.

Inno-Leader LED technology

8,Inno-Leader LED technology

Company Information: Inno-Leader LED technology has business offices in British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.

Product Types: LED video walls, digital billboards, indoor and outdoor LED display screens, etc. (Do you know how digital billboards work?)

Advantages: As a major participant in the “video wall” business, Inno-Leader LED has built a large customer base since 1997 in the financial services, retail, education, and telecommunications industries. The company is recognized for high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Daktronics Canada

9,Daktronics Canada

Company Information: Daktronics has installed thousands of digital billboards and display systems worldwide. From digital billboards to LED video display screens in shopping malls and stadiums, Daktronics provides high-quality customized solutions to maximize your investment. To support the philosophy of offering more local services, Daktronics is located in the Lachenaie Industrial Park in Montreal.

Product Types: LED video walls, digital billboards, large display screens, etc.

Advantages: Daktronics engineers test the limits of every Daktronics product. The result is high-performance displays that excel even in the most adverse conditions. Services and parts are provided in the way you need when you need them. Well-trained technicians are located worldwide, offering service that meets your high standards.



Company Information: NetVisual is one of the most trusted all-encompassing service providers of digital signage in Canada over the past decade. Offering user-friendly software, custom content creation, and dedicated technical support to ensure you make the most of their solutions. Seamless installation of retail digital signage is also provided in Canada and the United States.

Product Types: Digital signage, digital menu boards, digital kiosks, transparent LED displays, digital storefront displays, video walls, shelf-edge screens, etc. (How much does an LED transparent screen cost?)

Advantages: NetVisual’s compact high-performance media players are easy to set up and offer excellent durability and reliability, saving you valuable time and money. Commercial-grade screens allow your content to run 24/7 without damage. Each screen has multiple mounting bases and brackets to choose from.

Canadian LED display screen manufacturers

In today’s era of continuous technological evolution and intense market competition, these ten Canadian LED display screen manufacturers showcase Canada’s position in the global LED industry with their outstanding performance. As the digital age unfolds, these companies will continue to climb new heights in providing high-quality, high-performance LED solutions for their customers. The future of Canadian LED display screen factories looks brighter, thanks to the efforts of these ten enterprises.

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