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What is the difference between LED transparent screen and glass screen

Different application fields

Led transparent screen: this display screen is a new type of display screen, which can provide interesting and changeable support for product promotion and sales. Led transparent screen is often used in chain stores, architectural media, science and technology museums, museums, glass windows of brand stores, commercial complexes, etc.

Led glass screen: this display screen is an improved display device based on the traditional LED display screen. Based on its laminated safety glass characteristics, it is often matched with the glass curtain wall. It is commonly used for stage scenery, lighting of large squares, hotels, 4S stores, etc.

LED transparent screen
LED transparent screen

Different structure

Led transparent screen: the display uses SMD chip packaging technology to fix the bulb in the PCB groove. It can be designed and customized according to the needs. It can be made into a standard box and can play video pictures freely.

Led glass screen: the display screen fixes the light bulb between the two layers of glass according to the transparent conductive technology, and can only formulate different graphics according to the needs, without its own specific shape.

Led glass screen
Led glass screen

Different weights

Led transparent screen: the display screen is relatively light in weight and can be directly fixed on the glass curtain wall in the process of application. Its weight is generally 12kg / ㎡, and the thickness of the main board is only 10mm.

Led glass screen: the display screen is heavy, and its weight is generally more than 30kg / m2. Moreover, if this type of display screen is to be installed, luminous glass should be designed when designing buildings.

Different presentation effects

Led transparent screen: the display screen can play any video or picture at will. There is no restriction on the display type, and the presentation effect is better than other ordinary displays.

Led glass screen: the display screen is limited in displaying information. It can only display some simple videos and pictures. If other needs are needed, the building needs to be adjusted in advance.

Different permeability

Both the LED transparent screen and the LED glass screen can ensure the original lighting and perspective function of the glass wall, but there is a certain gap in the transmittance of the two.

Led transparent screen: the transparency of the display screen can reach 90%.

Led glass screen: the transparency of the display screen can reach 95%.

Different brightness

Led transparent screen: the brightness of the display screen is related to the SMD lamp beads used. The indoor and outdoor brightness can meet the requirements, and the general brightness can reach 5000 CD / m. And the higher the brightness of the LED transparent screen, the clearer it is from a distance.

Led glass screen: the brightness of the display screen is determined by the luminous intensity and density of LEDs. Generally, the brightness is lower, which is suitable for indoor use. If it is outdoor, it will affect the display effect.

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