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Why should we use LED Display?

LED display is more and more widely used in various digital displays.
But why?
LED have always struck me as coarse,simple and under-performing before i under stand it well,we can see many led signs like this

LED Display

If you are same with me,now I want tell you what really LED display is.
The display usually divided into LCD and LED from different principles, most of the monitors we used in the past were LCD, like computer screen,television,mobile phone screen,etc.
LED are always used for lighting, billboards, and indicator lights as above. In 1990’s LED has come a long way,and in 2000’s it become the only option for large outdoor displays.
Compared to LCD, LED have three distinct characteristics.

LED Display

LCD display has seam when it splice,but the LED display can splice with seamless. It depend on they are differenct structure,so we aways choose LED for the lagre screen.
-Protection capability
mask and GOB technology, LED display is widely used outdoors because of its strong protective ability,that’s LCD displays can’t have.
LED Display
This is the decisive reason of why choose LDE display in outdoor.LED display breightness is 2 to 10 times to LCD display,in this way LCD display is no comparison at all in outdoor advertising.
Today, LED display is still evolving,lower cost and better resolution.
You can see it in airport, hotel ,cinema,conference room,even in you house,it’s gradually replacing LCD display.

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