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4 common sense of special-shaped LED display

The LED display screen market is now showing great changes, from fixed IMAG display to mobile display to special-shaped display. In addition to the traditional functions of information display, the LED display screen has further improved its appearance requirements to better adapt to the overall structure and use requirements of the environment.

flexible LED screen

1. What is the LED shaped screen?

LED special-shaped display screen is a special shaped LED display screen transformed from the LED display screen, which makes the new product better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. Its size and size can be customized according to requirements.

2. What are the characteristics of LED special-shaped screen?

LED special-shaped screen adopts efficient energy-saving technology, with low energy consumption, which can effectively reduce operating costs. The energy-saving technology of LED special-shaped screen can reduce the current of the lighting lamp and make the LED lamp work at a lower voltage, thus reducing the power consumption of the LED lamp and reducing the energy consumption of the system.

LED special-shaped screen has good weather resistance, which can resist strong sunlight, wind and rain as well as various harsh weather conditions. It has a longer service life and is not easy to be damaged.

It can be randomly spliced into various irregular shapes to display some highly creative content, which can not only attract the audience’s attention at the first time to achieve better publicity effect, but also better expand the application range of LED display splicing.

3. Where is the LED special-shaped screen used?

The LED special-shaped screen is mainly used to show creative content, and the available scenes are also relatively wide. The common places are as follows.

A. Used for stage performance. The ingenious combination of LED special-shaped screen and the scene can bring the audience a different and novel audio-visual experience.

B. It is used at the activity site. LED special-shaped screen can help set off the atmosphere at the event site and attract people to stay.

C. For square. We also know that there are many different shapes of LED special-shaped screens, which are installed in major squares and also a beautiful landscape.

Irregular LED display

4. Precautions for use and installation of LED special-shaped screen

A. The selection of LED special-shaped screen shall be determined in combination with the use scenario. As we all know, LED special-shaped screen can be used indoors or outdoors. Different application scenarios have different requirements for LED special-shaped screen materials. It is recommended that the material and structure of the LED special-shaped screen should be consistent with the use scenario.

B. LED special-shaped screen shall prevent light pollution. Now people are more and more strict about environmental protection, and light pollution is also an important topic of environmental protection. Therefore, in the installation and commissioning of LED shaped screen, how to protect and control light pollution should be considered.

C. LED special-shaped screen needs regular maintenance. LED special-shaped screen is a consumable, which needs continuous maintenance to ensure its continuous normal use. Therefore, during the design and installation of LED special-shaped screen, the channel shall be reserved for future maintenance, so as to prevent problems before they occur.

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