8 ways to maintain Dubai LED display

Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 2:25:24 AM GMT+00:00

In recent years, the application of LED display has become more and more extensive, and it has even become one of the media with the most advertising potential in the current market. At present, LED display has been widely used in all walks of life, bringing a lot of convenience to people's lives. However, many consumers do not understand the maintenance of the product in the later period. Today, the manufacturer of LED display gives us eight ways to maintain the LED display.


1. Cleaning and maintenance

The large screen of LED display screen is exposed to wind, sun and rain for a long time in the outdoor environment. More dust and rain washing marks will accumulate on the screen after a long time. It needs to be cleaned in time to prevent affecting the viewing effect;


Dubai LED display

Three steps of cleaning and maintenance:

A: Vacuum. First, suck and sweep the dirt and dust on the surface of the display screen cover.

B: Wet washing. Note: Do not spray detergent directly on the screen, but spray a little detergent on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe it in the same direction. You can also use the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner to brush the lamp cover to clean the dirt.

C: Dry. Use a vacuum cleaner to dry the water marks left after wet cleaning to ensure that the display screen cover is clean and dust-free.


Dubai LED display

2. Keep the humidity of the environment where the LED display is used.

The interior of the LED display screen is composed of boards and components. These requirements for humidity are very high. Do not let anything with the nature of moisture enter your LED display screen, which will lead to corrosion and short circuit of internal components, thus causing damage to the LED display screen.

3. The power supply shall be stable and well grounded.

Do not use it in severe natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather.


Dubai LED display

4. Do not play in full white, full red, full green or full blue for a long time.

Full bright images, such as full white, full red, full green, and full blue, are likely to cause excessive heating of the power line and damage the LED lamp, affecting the service life of the display screen.

5. It is recommended that the rest time of large LED display screen should be more than 2 hours every day.

The large LED screen shall be used at least once a week in the rainy season. This is to avoid short circuit if the LED display screen is not used for a long time and the internal components are affected with moisture.

6. Correct switching sequence of LED display.

The switching sequence of LED electronic display screen: A: Start the control computer to make it operate normally before starting the large screen of LED display screen; B: Turn off the LED display before turning off the computer.


Dubai LED display

7. Avoid possible sharp objects.

The surface of the LED display screen is very fragile. It is composed of light beads. It is necessary to avoid sharp blunt objects scratching its surface, which will cause the light beads to fall off. We can choose passive protection and active protection, and try to keep objects that may cause damage to the display screen away from the screen.

8. LED display screen shall be checked regularly for normal operation.

After the LED display screen has been installed for a long time, check the circuit frequently to see if it is damaged. If it is damaged, repair or replace it in time. Non professionals are not allowed to touch the internal circuit of the large screen to avoid electric shock or damage to the circuit; In case of any problem, the professional technicians shall be informed in time to take corresponding measures.

Only by learning how to maintain the LED display screen can we maximize its commercial value, extend the service life of the product, reduce the probability of safety problems, and also maintain the product.