How to maintain the outdoor led display in africa

Jul 27, 2022, 2:25:24 AM

Sports events such as the 2022 Qatar world cup can bring such great opportunities to enterprises, which is also the reason why LED screen enterprises are keen to sponsor sports events in recent years. In addition, the 2022 Qatar world cup also brings development opportunities to LED small spacing.

With the continuous development and innovation of sostron LED display technology, sostron LED display is no longer limited to becoming a "presenter". With the support of various new technologies, sostron LED display can become a "dancer" flying freely on the stage, shining in the sweat sports field.


Outdoor LED display screen is a popular display screen product. Because most cities are between tropical monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate, most cities can withstand storms, thunder and lightning, especially typhoons in coastal cities in the rainy season every year after entering the high-temperature rainy season. Compared with inland cities, coastal cities are relatively developed areas, and outdoor display advertising accounts for more than 70% of the global LED display advertising market. Therefore, the safe use of outdoor LED display screen is the concern of many advertisers.

outdoor LED display screen

The safe use of LED display mainly includes the following aspects:



African outdoor LED display screen adopts modular design and is composed of electronic components. As it is prone to rain, waterproof, power leakage, short circuit, fire and other phenomena, the unqualified outdoor display screen will cause unnecessary losses. The display screen used in the outdoor environment requires the equipment to use the relevant waterproof and waterproof standard of IP65 or above. The module should be filled with glue, and the front should also be coated with glue to make a waterproof box. The connection between the module and the box uses waterproof rubber rings.

Wind and earthquake resistance

With the increasing coverage of African outdoor LED displays, there are more and more installation methods for outdoor displays, such as wall installation, embedded installation, lifting, roof base installation, column installation, etc. In order to prevent equipment from falling during use, the selection of wind resistance and earthquake resistance of load-bearing steel structures, especially the strict requirements for wall foundation installation and pillar installation, is more stringent than other forms.

High temperature resistance

LED outdoor display screen generally consumes a lot of power and has obvious heating. In addition, the heating of outdoor monitors is also very difficult. In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of outdoor LED display screen, the appearance design and structure of the display screen must be adjusted in the installation stage. The exterior adopts macro permeability design, high-density and high-precision circuit board. Avoid adding fans to reduce circuit compliance. In special environments, using air conditioners or fans can effectively release heat.


The wires of African outdoor LED display screen should be made of flame-retardant materials to prevent the wires from aging and catching fire in case of short circuit. In order to ensure the safe and normal use of outdoor LED display, the quality of outdoor LED display should be qualified in the process of design, production and installation, and the selection of materials should be strictly controlled. In this way, high-quality outdoor LED display can be made, which is more convenient in the later use process.