How much will the LED transparent screen cost in 2023?

Nowadays, LED display has become a necessary facility for modern large stadiums and gymnasiums. It is indispensable to use a large number of LED displays in major sports events. The display system of the gymnasium should be able to clearly, timely and accurately display the information of the sports competition, display the actual situation of the competition through multimedia technology, set off and create a tense and warm competition atmosphere.

LED transparent screen, also known as LED ice screen, is a kind of LED display screen. Because the screen body is as transparent as 70% - 95%, it is called transparent screen. The panel thickness is only 10mm, very light and very thin. It is an extension of traditional LED display screen. It is usually used in combination with glass to make the monotonous glass become an advertising carrier, which is very popular with businesses!


At present, LED transparent screen is used more and more widely. Transparent led display has gradually occupied the market demand, especially in the application field of glass curtain wall. The display of transparent LED screen and glass window makes the engineering building fashionable, colorful, modern and scientific, giving a unique expression.

Detailed price composition of LED transparent screen:


Display screen body

This area accounts for more than 60% of the total investment of the project. The transparent LED screen is composed of a power supply, a box, and flat power cables.

Control system

It includes sending card and receiving card. Its main function is to transmit and receive video image signals. And control data.


LED transparent screen

Engineering installation and commissioning

Including screen steel structure and fabrication, wiring of power line and signal line, and installation and commissioning of display screen.

Other optional equipment

Computer (desktop computer), power distribution cabinet, audio power amplifier (optional), video processor (optional), cabinet (optional), etc.


LED ice screen

How much is the LED transparent screen?

The price of LED transparent screen is generally $600 per square meter. Of course, there are more expensive products, such as small models, or special customized projects.

In fact, the following three points affect the price of LED transparent screen

Raw material

The box is made of high-quality aluminum with good heat dissipation and oxidation resistance. The PCB board is made of high-performance board, which can withstand 170 ° high temperature. Among them, the lamp beads, power lines and power supplies are all subject to oxidation resistance treatment, and the cost of raw materials increases.

Dot spacing for transparent screens

Outdoor transparent screen requires high picture definition, and the required point spacing is small. In fact, more lamp beads are used per unit area, and the cost rises.Don't you know what led dot spacing is?


LED ice screen

Appearance design

Because the outdoor curtain wall structures in many cities are very different, such as some arc, triangle, irregular structures and other abnormal shapes, engineers need to conduct design evaluation according to the site environment and customer needs, customize the corresponding product size and construction scheme, and other energy and material consumption increases significantly, as well as the comprehensive cost.

Although LED transparent screens are gradually going outdoors, they will encounter many technical problems, but with their high permeability, ultra-thin, easy installation, energy conservation, environmental protection and other characteristics, they will be more widely used in the outdoor application market in the future, and more and more favored by users. LED glass transparent screen project is generally a medium and large project, with high cost, long service life, installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance, etc., and factors such as product quality, price, after-sales service, etc. should be taken into account.