How to prevent fire for LED Display Screen Application

Recently, one DOOH outdoor LED display board was on fire in Times Square in New York.With the non-standard development of the LED display screen industry in recent years, some factories blindly lower the cost and pursuit high profits, fire accidents have occurred from time to time, including the fire disaster in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Nanjing. The highest level of fireproof certificate is the Britain Royal Fireproof Certification, which is mainly related with the material and structure. At present, fwe factories in China who have passed the certification and SoStron is one of the them.  

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Cause of Fire

Generally speaking, there are some reasons for the fire incident. For one thing, the fire is possibly caused by the short circuit for the errors in operation or the aging of line. For another, some companies just spare no effort to lower the cost and pursuit high profits from the aspects of PCB board, anti-corrosion paint and wire rod. Besides, without a breakthrough of the core raw materials, especially for the led lamp, some companies blindly go after high brightness, which leads to the increase of heat and fire hazards. 


Significance of fire protection

With the fast development of modern science and technology, the led industry is also with lasting and rapid growth in China, so is the expanding scale and continuous technology renovation. Market share has been with an average annual rate of 40% growth since 1993. However, a led display screen was on fire in Madado, Indonesia on June 2nd, 2013, which knocked a wake-up call for the led industry once again. During the rapid development of the industry, the led display screen still remains a short board in the application technology field, so the standardization of the product is again on the agenda.


Anti-fire Technology

The fireproof technology of LED display screen is mainly related to its raw material and the processing procedure, including the wire rod, power source, external structure and plastic suite.


In most of the LED applications, the larger the display unit is, the more power consumption is and it is the same with the higher requirement of current stability of the wire. Among the wire products, in order to ensure safety and stability, the wire should meet the demand of the national standard.


The power products through the UL certification are the best choice for its effective conversion rate, which can ensure the safety and stability of power load even under the hot external environment.


As to the external structure of the LED display screen, fireproof ACP is mainly used for higher anti-fire LED products for its excellent fire resistance and strong flame resistance. On the contrary, the poorer fireproof ACP is aging fast accompanying with high temperature and the rain, which is easy to cause fire by a short circuit.


As the use of mask pan material, the plastic suite is another important part of anti-fire materials. The main raw material is PC and glass fiber material, which has flame resistance function and can be well used for a long time under high and low temperature. Combined with good sealing glue, it can effective prevent the rain from the outside environment to avoid short circuits.

Besides, without a breakthrough of the core raw materials, it’s unwise to raise the brightness by adding the current. Except for the internal raw material, external configuration and design, which are mainly involved in heat dissipation, are equally important to the effect of fireproof. Hence, it’s necessary to prepare fans or air conditioning for the LED display screen. While dealing with the thunderstorm weather, the lightning arrester is an essential device to lead electric current into the ground.


Correct Installation and Application

Since LED display screen belongs to electronic product, it is evitable to have inflammable goods from which we need to take preventive measures. As for the production material, it is suggested that power supplies, cables, IC and connectors, which are combustible components, shall be of high quality to reduce the faulty rate as well as the chance of getting burned. Technically, the installation of screen shall be conducted, guided and checked by professional technicians in order to prevent any accidents. The combustible materials shall be eliminated so as to prevent the screen getting burned by the surrounding fire. Regarding to the after-sale maintenance, regular inspection shall be conducted by professional technicians.


Complete International Rules, Insufficient Industry Standards

If a LED display screen is on fire, it will suffer great loss. It is hard to confirm that whether the fire is resulted from the internal components or the short circuit caused by the aging cables. However, the importance of the safety for LED application has been realized all over the world. There are many countries that have made their rules of the LED application, such as UL48 Power Cable Standard, ETL Certification for the US market, BS Certification for the Britain market and PSE Security Certification for the Japanese market. It is creditable that Hong Kong Building Department has been aware of the severity of this international problem and made some relative rules for outdoor media (mainly for LED display screen) that all the LED screen projects shall pass the BS476-7 test. So far, there are only a few manufacturers of LED display screen that have passed this flame test can successfully enter the Hong Kong market.


How do SoStron prevent the Fire

SoStron increased investment in expense, science and technology, such as the flame retardant PCB board and fireproof paint and 4 cubic millimeters wire rod, which gained a good reputation among the industry. Meanwhile, according to the standard of ISO, every screw and soldering are well jointed to avoid a short circuit.


As to the request of high brightness, SoStron adopts high efficient and bright LED lamp instead of the more input of the current, which can save energy and lower the temperature.

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