We see it in shops,coffee bars,restaurnts,it's everywhere

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transparent led display in shops

Transparent LED that allows you to see the outside from the inside LED window vision is highly transparent, up to over 90%, and is almost invisible from the inside at a distance of 3m.

Since the outside can be seen from the inside, the window surface of the store can be used as it is, and it can be used as a space for attracting customers even after the store is closed. Transparent window vision is ideal for showrooms and environments with glass surfaces.

A thin, lightweight, see-through type stylish LED vision that does not block outside light.

Transparent LED Transparent LED

 - Frontal luminescence

 - Cabinet size:1000*500* T78.5 mm

 - Transparency: 53%

 - Brightness: 1000-5500 cd/sqm

 - Weight: 13kg/sqm

 - Wireless design.

 Coffee shop transparent led video wall transparent led display installed in bars Japan transparent led display installed in bars Japan

EXCELSIOR CAFFÉ is a chain store of cafes born in Japan, centered on Italian espresso, which was born from Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd. in July 1999.

The product introduced this time is a window vision with a pitch size of GL-F 3.9-7.8 mm.

The size was 4.5m wide x 0.5m high at the time of the talk, but after receiving an additional order, the final size was 4.5m wide x 2.5m high.

LED display solution