Home theatre display for home use

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Just finished one installation in a private house in Guangzhou,take a look and you'll love it.

 led display led display

We've been in the led display industry for 15 years,and never thought about that the led display can be used it in private house,to replace lcd tv and projectors.

Today it become true.

More bright with the strong light in hall,and more colorful compare the lcd,also it's really a small money for a big house like this,every private house deserve to have a big led video wall like.


We spend 4 house to install the 130 inch led screen with accessories,house owner do not need to worry about technical things, just need to plug the power,and it works same like traditional lcd.

 led display led display

When we tell this to our client, lots of them told us they already did it few years ago in other countries,we are quite supprised and excited.

It\'s a big story for us cause this market is bigger than commercial displays like hotels,restaurant,stores,shops, it\'s for 7 billion people in the world.

There's one more reason for SOSTRON team to get up early in the morning,and feel excited to manufacture led screen,to make people happy with the big tv in hall.

Watch movie...

Play video games...

SOSTRON Make it happen

LED display solution