What harm does haze do to outdoor LED display?


The Harm of Fog to Outdoor LED Display

Fog is formed by condensation of water vapor in the air. That is to say, the humidity in the air is relatively high, which will cause the outdoor LED display to be wet. Excessive humidity will cause the PCB, power supply, power cord and other components of the display screen to be easily oxidized and corroded, or even short circuited, thus causing failure.

Harm of haze to outdoor display screen

Haze is the aggregate of suspended dust and various small particles in the air, among which the dust particles suspended in the air are the core substance of haze. If under the influence of haze for a long time, all kinds of fine dust in the air will enter the equipment through the ventilation hole, which will accelerate the wear and even damage of fans and other equipment, and the dust will fall on the surface of the internal control devices of the display screen. This will not only reduce the heat dissipation and insulation performance of the display screen, but also accelerate the aging of the display screen, affecting the normal service life.