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Top 10 LED Display Screen Manufacturers in Egypt

In the dynamic landscape of Egypt’s LED display screen market, the widespread application of LED technology has become a crucial trend in the realms of business, culture, and entertainment. The high brightness, low energy consumption, and superior image display quality of LED screens have led to their extensive use across various industries. Within the manufacturing sector of LED display screens in Egypt, the spotlight shines on the top ten manufacturers, whose product quality and technological expertise hold significant sway in the market.

Egypt LED display

Below is a detailed introduction to the top 10 LED display screen manufacturers in Egypt, including their founding years, company information, and product types.

Table of Contents:

1. LGegy establishment time
1-1, LGegy corporate information
1-2, LGegy product type

2. TechnoVision Egypt establishment time
2-1, TechnoVision Egypt corporate information
2-2, TechnoVision Egypt product types

3. Fama establishment time
3-1, Fama corporate information
3-2, Fama product type

4. Establishment time of Crystal Technology
4-1, Crystal Technology corporate information
4-2, Crystal Technology product types

5. Establishment time of Prolight Technology Egypt
5-1, Prolight Technology Egypt corporate information
5-2, Prolight Technology Egypt product types

6. When Outside Ooh Media Agency was established
6-1, Outside Ooh Media Agency corporate information
6-2, Outside Ooh Media Agency product type

7. Establishment time of LED Sun Display Technology
7-1, LED Sun Display Technology corporate information
7-2, LED Sun Display Technology product type

8. Egyled establishment time
8-1, Egyled corporate information
8-2, Egyled product type

9. Ave Event establishment time
9-1, Ave Event corporate information
9-2, Ave Event product type

10. Insite Ooh establishment time
10-1, Insite Ooh corporate information
10-2, Insite Ooh product type


1. LGegy

Establishment Year: 2001
Company Information: LGegy is a leading distributor of electronic and electrical equipment in Egypt, focusing on providing LG-branded electronic products, including LED display screens. LGegy understands and closely caters to consumer needs, offering innovative solutions for a better quality of life.
Product Types: LED display screens, LED lighting, commercial display solutions, etc.

TechnoVision Egypt

2. TechnoVision Egypt

Establishment Year: 2008
Company Information: TechnoVision Egypt is a company specialized in LED display screens, video walls, and visual solutions in Egypt. TechnoVision Egypt has the capability to assist all dealers and individuals working in the field of monitoring technology, whether in small or large enterprises.
Product Types: LED display screens, video walls, commercial display solutions, etc.


3. Fama

Establishment Year: 2012
Company Information: FAMA excels in precise handling professionalism in installation and manufacturing. Therefore, FAMA displays are considered among the best advertising screens in Egypt and are used worldwide. Fama’s mission is to provide the best decoration services at reasonable prices without compromising quality.
Product Types: LED display screens, digital billboards.

Crystal Technology

4. Crystal Technology

Establishment Year: 2007
Company Information: Crystal Technology is a company specialized in LED display screens and digital signage in Egypt. Crystal Technology offers comprehensive voice, data, wireless, and conferencing solutions to meet your global networking needs.
Product Types: LED display screens, digital signage.

Prolight Technology Egypt

5. Prolight Technology Egypt

Establishment Year: 2013
Company Information: Prolight Technology Egypt is a company specialized in LED display screens and lighting equipment. Providing lighting and display technology solutions, Prolight Technology Egypt is committed to helping customers achieve mission success through ethical behavior, integrity, trust, respect, and teamwork.
Product Types: LED display screens, LED stage screen.

Outside Ooh Media Agency

6. Outside Ooh Media Agency

Establishment Year: 2002
Company Information: OUTSITE OOH maximizes the potential of the Egyptian market by providing creative strategies and innovative geographical positioning for brands. As a modern think tank, Outside Ooh focuses on delivering performance-based outdoor activities to maximize your results and inspire action from your target audience.
Product Types: Indoor LED display screens, outdoor LED display screens, digital signage, etc._x000D_

LED Sun Display Technology

7. LED Sun Display Technology


Establishment Year: 2016
Company Information: LED SUN is your source for high-quality, custom, and durable LED display screens. In addition to permanent installation products, we offer solution-based approaches to serve customers globally. Let us design unique and reliable LED display systems based on your industry and specific requirements.
Product Types: LED display screens, LED advertising screen.


8. Egyled

Establishment Year: 2012
Company Information: EGY LED is an innovative manufacturing and trading company in Egypt, providing excellent indoor and outdoor LED display screen solutions for the Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and African markets. In the past decade, we have completed over 1400 projects, and our experience and extensive development have made us a strong, modern enterprise, a reliable and popular partner at the international level.
Product Types: LED display screens, electronic components, electronic devices, etc.

Ave Event

9. Ave Event

Establishment Year: 2007
Company Information: At AVE Events Egypt, we offer a wide range of audio-visual equipment rental and services for corporate events. Since 2007, we have focused on audio-visual rentals for conferences in Egypt and Poland, event audio-visual equipment, and professional event production services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service and the latest audio-visual rental technology for meetings and corporate events.
Product Types: Indoor LED display screens, Cube led billboard, visual communication equipment, etc.

Insite Ooh

10. Insite Ooh

Establishment Year: 2017
Company Information: Insite Ooh is “MENA’S OOH VOICE.” Every outdoor advertising campaign, billboard, or digital screen (DOOH) in Egypt or the UAE has a voice on our magazine platform. We provide digested and analyzed outdoor updates from the road to your screen, and each reviewed activity is an achievement of brand and agency collaboration, recorded on our magazine platform as an event review to prevent these efforts from going to waste. On the other hand, it is an archive of brand behavior on outdoor media over the years; understanding the past can guide the way for the future.
Product Types: Indoor LED display screens, video screens, digital billboards, etc.

Egypt LED display

In conclusion, the vibrant development of Egypt’s LED display screen market is inseparable from the efforts and contributions of these top ten manufacturers. With continuous technological innovation and increasing market demand, these leading LED display screen manufacturers will continue to steer the direction of industry development. In the future, we can expect to see more high-quality, high-performance LED display screen products emerging, injecting new momentum into various sectors of Egypt’s development.

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