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Top 10 LED Screen Companies in the UAE


3,Control Electrical
6,LED World
8,Ledvance Middle East
9,Havells-Sylvania Middle East
10,LED Corner Trading

LED Screen Companies UAE

In the modern nation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), LED lighting technology has found widespread applications across various industries, becoming a key tool for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. To explore the vitality and innovation in the UAE LED market, this article introduces 10 companies leading the LED manufacturing industry in the country. These enterprises have set benchmarks in the local and global lighting industry with their unique product types and outstanding technological features.



Company Information: Nakashi is one of the most renowned LED light suppliers in the UAE, providing modern, technologically advanced lighting products for both indoor and outdoor use in residential and commercial areas in Dubai. Our goal is to offer lighting fixtures that not only add significant value to decoration but also maintain aesthetic appeal in the long term.

Product Types: LED soft light strips, LED spotlights, and LED neon lights. rental LED floor screen

Product Features: In addition to our main product range, we offer other LED fixtures and fixtures not belonging to our primary product range to support projects or clients seeking high-quality products with reasonable prices and warranties supported by reputable suppliers.



Company Information: JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP has been involved in LED light manufacturing in India since 2015, supplying LED lighting products in India and the Middle East. We are a BIS and ISO-9001-2015 certified company with our own LED light manufacturing factory in India.

Product Types: LED lighting products, LED lamps. LED poster screen

Product Features: The application of the latest lighting technology enables us to produce high-quality LED lights.

Control Electrical

3,Control Electrical

Company Information: Established in 2004, Control Electrical has steadily grown from humble beginnings with a few employees and few projects to having two major branches in Haima Cape and Ain. Our core business is supplying electrical and related products to electrical contractors and related industries.

Product Types: F5 LED chips, RGB LED chips, RGB LED strips, hardware, cables, and wires. Outdoor LED display

Product Features: Committed to achieving excellence in quality assurance through commitment and teamwork, ensuring cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery.



Company Information: Albirco is a Dubai-based supplier and wholesaler of building materials, bathroom and kitchen appliances, electrical supplies, LED lighting, sanitary ware, plumbing equipment, and home decor products.

Product Types: Building materials, bathroom and kitchen appliances, electrical supplies, LED lighting, sanitary ware, plumbing equipment. Transparent led screen

Product Features: Smart lighting solutions, adjustable color temperature, compatible with smart home systems.



Company Information: Since 1976, the Al Nasser Group has been providing integrated solutions for building control systems, professional lighting applications, and construction services in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and other regions. Noortek is the high-end professional lighting brand under the Al Nasser Group.

Product Types: Advanced and reliable solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting applications, including lighting control. Indoor LED billboard

Product Features: Noortek products are suitable for highly sustainable lighting applications, utilizing the latest technology, gears, and optical devices to minimize energy consumption.

LED World

6,LED World

Company Information: LED World is part of the multidimensional Inspired Holding Group, headquartered in Al Quoz, Dubai. We represent over 20 of the finest and most reliable brands in the industry, promoting only environmentally friendly lighting solutions. Since its inception, the name LEDWORLD itself represents providing customers with 360-degree LED products and services.

Product Types: Luxury chandeliers, modern wall lights, facade lights, landscape lights, spotlights, outdoor lights, floor lights, commercial lights, LED strips, and LED drivers. Indoor LED video wall

Product Features: The first global patent identification in its class, advanced lighting technology, smart dimming, energy management.



Company Information: DCD Technologies is a leading lighting specialist headquartered in Dubai, specializing in lighting design and supply. With a diverse product portfolio from the world’s best lighting suppliers, we provide the most innovative lighting solutions for indoor/outdoor, residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Product Types: The most innovative lighting solutions for indoor/outdoor, residential, commercial, and industrial projects. rental LED panel

Product Features: Advanced lighting technology, smart dimming, energy management.

Ledvance Middle East

8,Ledvance Middle East

Company Information: LEDVANCE is a global leader in providing general lighting for li

ghting professionals and end-users, with offices in over 50 countries and business operations spanning more than 140 countries. With a deep understanding of the general lighting market, technological trends, and evolving demands, we support the specific and personalized needs of direct and indirect customers.

Product Types: LED luminaires, advanced LED lamps, smart home and smart building solutions, and traditional light sources. Flexible LED display

Product Features: Smart lighting solutions, adjustable color temperature, compatible with smart home systems.

Havells-Sylvania Middle East

9,Havells-Sylvania Middle East

Company Information: Sylvania is a leading supplier of consumer, professional, and architectural lighting solutions. We not only design, manufacture, and install lighting solutions, but also push technological boundaries, striving for innovation in everything we do.

Product Types: Indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. LED advertising screen

Product Features: Innovative design, highly customizable, superior energy efficiency.

LED Corner Trading

10,LED Corner Trading

Company Information: As the largest LED lighting supplier in the UAE, LED Corner Trading has 20 years of experience, always prioritizing the quality and durability of LED products. We collaborate with world-renowned brands and have the capability to provide the required quantities.

Product Types: LED bulbs, tubes, and indoor lighting products.

Product Features: Low energy consumption, long lifespan, cost-effective.

LED screen company

As the UAE’s economy continues to grow and technological innovation drives forward, LED manufacturers continue to work wonders in the field of lighting. These 10 companies, through their excellent product designs, efficient energy solutions, and commitment to sustainable development, have laid a solid foundation for the future of the lighting industry. As LED technology continues to evolve, we look forward to seeing these companies continue to lead the way in providing innovative solutions for lighting needs in the UAE and around the world. This shining land of illumination will continue to bring more brightness and vitality to our lives.

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